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Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LV


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Aside from having great potential for Super Bowl match-ups this year - This has got to be the best year we've seen in a lonnnng time for the Conference Championship Game fields as well. They are both hosted on grass by teams that haven't been in a while. As a result, Both teams have kicked it up a notch for the Playoffs. Neither team colored their end zones for the regular season, but kicked it up a notch for the Playoffs. That's the way it should be. That's the way I often remember it is a kid. Just as the Super Bowl field design does - it gives you that extra sense that something special and unique is taking place. Also, San Francisco's "Saloon font" is so pleasing to the eyes - please tell me they'll use it if they make it to Miami.

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19 hours ago, pitt6pack said:


How's this?



Much better than anything we will see Super Bowl Sunday for sure. I went with standard NFL logo at midfield, and NFL 100 logos at the 25s, as has been standard for the 2019 season. For the Titans endzone, I went with silver and white in the wordmark, with a navy outline, which is how the field was painted in Nashville in 2018 (without a columbia endzone). Looks better on the columbia background as well.


That field, pitt, might be the most beautiful NFL field I have seen in like 10 years. Which means, the NFL will NEVER let this type of field be seen on SB Sunday. Ugghh.

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Really anxious to see just how bad the NFL will mess up the field for this special Super Bowl season. If they manage to screw this up, then we know it's time for some higher up individuals to retire, or lose their job. Between the team woodwork, team logo, team helmet, NFL shield, NFL 100th logo, conference logos, Super Bowl logo...they have A LOT to work with for this game. If the field looks anything like the past 10 plus years of half-u-know-what garbage, we will all be very disappointed. It makes me appreciate how well the fields were colored and prepared for the first 39 super bowls, since then it has progressively gotten worse, capped off by the generic super bowl logo. COME ON NFL! 

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32 minutes ago, Pleepleus75 said:

Tried my hand at a classic field for SB LIV - credit to @pitt6pack for the painted numbers already on the field.



Classic style would be an interesting a great touch for the Super Bowl in the NFL's 100th season. Although, The Chiefs would probably use their "KC" logo, as they had in Super Bowl IV 50 years ago (and also, there's no way that Chiefs logo would fly in 2020).


30 minutes ago, RayFinkle said:

What cha got for us, pitt?

I've got some stromboli at my parents house right now, and my regular computer at home (and a day off work tomorrow), so some SF-KC concepts to come later.


27 minutes ago, simtek34 said:

Okay, same template, but with The Chiefs. Yellow end zones would be interesting!

I'll certainly give that a shot.


19 minutes ago, Pleepleus75 said:

Here you go @Cujo - again, credit to @pitt6pack and his post: 





Would be nice to see an athletic gold vs red endzone, and this style of field, but we all know this won't happen.


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BTW, I need to say that I've been a long time lurker here (I believe I stumbled upon this site when searching for Super Bowl fields 6+ years ago). As a kid, I LOVED seeing the Super Bowl fields.  I grew up with ESPN's Super Bowl highlights marathons in the 80's the night before the big game.  I think it was X-mas '89 or '90 that my parents got me a sketch pad and 100+ colored pencil set.  I wasn't much of an artist but I could draw football fields!  The silver pencil in that set had a shine to it I knew would be perfect for the SB trophy and mid field in III, IV, and V.  So I drew all the fields up to XXV at the time.  I wish I could find that sketch pad to share with everyone here.  But I want to give a BIG thanks to @pitt6pack for doing this project and keeping up with it.  I now use paint.net to do my own creations...because it's fun, LOL.

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