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Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LV


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41 minutes ago, JQK said:

No photo description available.


1 minute ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:


I dig this!  Especially with the old school face masks.  I think this is plausible, especially if the Niners endzone is already confirmed.


I'd like them to still include the conference logo either on a helmet or not, but overall this is solid.


Looking back at last years' field and what they did with the Rams endzone, it may be closer to what @JQK came up with

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On 1/18/2020 at 6:51 PM, Angelo18 said:

Really anxious to see just how bad the NFL will mess up the field for this special Super Bowl season. If they manage to screw this up, then we know it's time for some higher up individuals to retire, or lose their job. Between the team woodwork, team logo, team helmet, NFL shield, NFL 100th logo, conference logos, Super Bowl logo...they have A LOT to work with for this game. If the field looks anything like the past 10 plus years of half-u-know-what garbage, we will all be very disappointed. It makes me appreciate how well the fields were colored and prepared for the first 39 super bowls, since then it has progressively gotten worse, capped off by the generic super bowl logo. COME ON NFL! 

They are probably trying to cut costs on paint LOL.  We should be thankful they are still coloring the endzones.  They would probably go with woodmarks only if they could get away with it. The way the field was done for the National Title Game between LSU and Clemson. 

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Is there a chance it's just the logo for San Fran? I'd rather both have a helmet but since it's clear KC wont have a helmet, maybe we can get some sort of consistency and have just the logo for the Niners as well...

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24 minutes ago, noodlesnchips said:



OH MAN!!!  Are they painting the numbers??!!!   No helmet for the Chiefs.


At least the Chiefs endzone does not have the brutal blank space of the Eagles in LII and Rams in LIII. They painting the numbers would make this the best field of the templated SB logo era.

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I don't like the inconsistency of everything. Why would one have a helmet and one not? Last year I could understand because the Rams didn't really have a separate logo for their old school look. I know it's probably only a small group of us that care, but come on. Who is making these decisions? 

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