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Ottawa Redblacks Concept


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Hey everyone !

I haven't done a concept in a long time but, giving time I wanted to do a concept for the Ottawa Redblacks. I didn't even realize they where revealing there new uniforms tonight and this concept I did awhile back ( seeing that I used Glenn as the main QB ), so I figured I'd share this concept now than later.

The idea behind this concept was, I wanted a mixed history of the Ottawa teams ( Ottawa Roughriders, etc ) with a modern update to them. I got the idea for the uniforms from 1972 Ottawa Rough Riders. With the numbers I did they are custom. I added the little indent on the R in the Redblacks logo ( I really dont know any other way to explain it lol ), into the numbers ( seeing the pics today of the RedBlacks practice jerseys it seems they took my idea ! lol ). Of course with the helmet the same idea using the history but adding a modern approach with the R in the Redblacks logo. I debated myself on the idea of the black face mask or white... tough decisions. I also added a detail touch with the Grey Cup wins of each Ottawa team's year date on the inside of the collar. I thought it would be a nice little touch bringing the rich history of all the Ottawa's team to the Redblacks to keep the history alive. Lastly the logo on the back above the names to again, give a modern touch to the uniforms.

Anyways, I just wanted to explain what and why I did it. I'm sorry If I'm all over the place but I haven't dont this in a while. Comments are more than welcome :).



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It is nice, but the RedBlacks wouldn't do it simply because it's too much like the Rough Riders.

They want to carve out their own style in Ottawa, and I don't think this does that. It's certainly gorgeous, and I'd love to see it on the field, but for the RedBlacks at the moment, it isn't practical.

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