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European Soccer Concept Cup: Spain VOTING


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Read about the poject here

Hola, and welcome to the European Soccer Concept Cup. This time, the teams will be placed in Spain.

Your objective is to design a crest, and a minimum of 2 kits. The entire presentation will have to be on one image. You will send me that png to my PM box, or my email which is mtbuc@aol.com. The team locations are first come, first serve. So please, fill out this form below. But be careful! You may only have 3 teams in the 5 rounds of competition, so choose wisely.

Board Name
Team Name

I want to try to have different color combinations so be careful what you pick. You have 2 weeks to turn in a concept, and then we will vote in this thread, which I will get to later. The cities you may choose from are the following. Good luck, and happy designing!

Madrid 1 - BlackBolt3

Madrid 2 - raysox

Barcelona 1 - DieselDave25

Barcelona 2 - thebutkiker

Valencia - GriffinMarlins

Seville - VictoriaGooner

Zaragoza - MrWonka

Malaga - nas1787

Murcia - Jaker52

Bilbao - jdp

Valladolid - Jake88

Córdoba - GeauxColonels

Vigo - crashcarson15

Palma - Berlin Wall

Pamplona - Whittier S

Granada - davidmiller5

Voting can be found here

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I would really like to do Granada (I have friends living there). I don't care which city I replace, you can switch it out with one of the last cities to be taken. (Sorry for keeping on switching cities on you, but Granada was the one team I knew I wanted when you announced the competition.)

Board Name: davidmiller5
City: Granada
Team Name: Alhambra FC
Colors: Sandy Yellow (and others I haven't finalized; probably red, maybe green)

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I definitely would like to do another one of these. Will have to do some research, but that will be a fun part.

Boardname: MrWonka

City: Zaragoza

Team Name: Leones de Zaragoza
Colors: Green, Red, Gold

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Name: nas1787

City: Malaga

Name: Corazon de Andalucia CF

Colours: Sky blue, navy, orange

Just finished up my German concept, lots of fun. Should be a great competition.

Edit: Added name and colours

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