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NBA Project 32 - Timberwolves Update


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I teased this series in my Bucks modernization concept, but now the series is ready to go. I've plotted out a redesign of the NBA, with the intended goal of breaking up the monotony of most of the league's looks by placing its aesthetics between 70's/80's tradition and 90's crazy. These concepts also buck with current trends in the league, going back to the pre-Rev30 material (allowing for proper twill lettering, pinstripes, split numbers, and effects on the fabric) and having college lines on the courts (as I feel they add more color to the key). Also, a big thank you to Conrad for his NBA Font collection, as without it this project would have been impossible.

Completed teams:

Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets

Charlotte Hornets (V2) (V3)

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks (V2)

Denver Nuggets (Court V2) (V2)

Detroit Pistons (Road V2)

Houston Rockets (V1.5) (V2) (V3)

Indiana Pacers

Kansas City Diesels (Alt V2)

Los Angeles Clippers (V2)

Los Angeles Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies

Miami Heat (V2) (V3) (V3.5)

Milwaukee Bucks (Alt V2) (V2)

Minnesota Timberwolves (V2)

New Orleans Pelicans

New York Knicks (V2)

Oklahoma City Thunder (V2) (V3)

Orlando Magic (V2A) (V2B) (V3)

Philadelphia 76ers (V2) (V3)

Phoenix Suns (V2)

Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings (Road V2)

San Antonio Spurs

San Francisco Warriors (V2)

Seattle Supersonics (V2)

Toronto Raptors (Alt V2)

Utah Jazz (V2) (V3)

Washington Federals

Division Alignment and Design Compilations

So, without any further delay, here's the first team in the league, the Atlanta Hawks!


When the Atlanta Hawks released their new secondary logo, I immediately leaped on the idea of a fauxback/neo-retro look for them (much like what I wish the Falcons would do). I started out by going back to the red and yellow color scheme, as red solo looked far too plain and black really cluttered up the look (also, I believe that any team that added black in the 90's when they did not have black before should remove all black from their color scheme, i.e. Calgary Flames, Cincinnati Reds, 1998-2011 New York Mets, etc.). So, I simply placed a yellow outline on the new secondary, adjusted the 2003 All-Star Game alternate logo to be the new secondary, and removed the beveling from the "ATL" logo. The court is a retro-styled look, with the new pac-hawk logo at center court, yellow detailing along with the red paint, and the retro Hawk within the 3-point line.




While I do appreciate the 'Nique-era look, I was not enough of a fan to bring it back full time. So, I decided to hybrid their late-70's look with their early 2000's look. I maintained the current lettering and number font, as it is my favorite part of their current look. Crew neck collars return, as they enhance the retro feel and the Hawks used them up until the Rev30 was introduced. The result is a fusion of classic sensibilities with some modern touches.



The first alternate is a yellow alt based on this look (which was easy to recreate, thanks to Conrad's "Highlight Factory" font) that also justifies using the "ATL" script (because of the size issues related to the striping pattern), and the second is a throwback to the 'Nique era (they were too iconic to leave out of the redesign).



Up next, the Boston Celtics!

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Red and yellow is such an under appreciated color scheme. Yellow can be used either as a light or dark uniform color, and there's enough contrast between yellow and white (usually) to not necessarily make it pop, but make it workable when used with a more saturated color (i.e. red). You've used the color scheme to great effect here, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for this project.

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It's... It's amazing. I think the one thing that would make this even cooler would be to put the Pac-Hawk on both sides of the panels at the bottom of the shorts. Other than that, this is the definition of perfection.

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After seeing GPs NFL Project 40 I had thoughts of doing one for the NBA. It seems like it would be so fun. Since I've been tied up with the PDC and will be until they put me in the dirt, Im so stoked to see someone taking this on. One concept in I think you definitely have the skill to do it justice. Looking forward to this very much! Well done!

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Very tasteful, but it's just re-use of old templates the team has worn. I'd rather see something that's completely unique. Also, I personally think black does a good job of distancing the Hawks (if they were in this color scheme) from the Rockets.

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Very tasteful, but it's just re-use of old templates the team has worn. I'd rather see something that's completely unique. Also, I personally think black does a good job of distancing the Hawks (if they were in this color scheme) from the Rockets.

Completely Agree

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I knew I took too long to finish my Hawks concept...oh well. Mine is VERY similar to what you've come up with. Well done.

Thanks Conrad! I'd love to see what you came up with for the concept.

Not sure what "HWC" means but that particular alt is a thing of beauty.

It's an abbreviation for "Hardwood Classics", denoting that the uniform is a throwback/fauxback. Mostly, it is a chance for me to include uniforms that I either don't particularly want as a primary, or are iconic enough to demand a full-time throwback alternate (much like what the Miami Heat does with their throwbacks).

Overall, thanks for the C+C. Also, for those worrying that the Red/Yellow color scheme will make the Hawks look too much like the popular Rockets redesign (going back to red and yellow), don't worry. The Rockets will look different enough so that color scheme is not much of an issue.

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