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NBA Project 32 - Timberwolves Update


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Thanks for the feedback on the Hawks. I'm going to update them after the series is done, as I will with most updates. But now, here is the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets!


A classic set that really does not need too much modification. Whenever I think of the NBA, the Celtics have a Yankee-like status with their look. They have a consistent tradition with little variation over the years. Of course, that does not mean that they cannot be tweaked. So, that's what I did. I went back to the 70's-80's variation of the primary logo (as it did not have the wild array of colors the current primary has, most of which aren't on the uniforms). Black now only exists as a keyline for the primary, and nowhere else in the set (I wanted to replace the keyline color, but I could not get it to work ). The classic parquet court receives little modification, with the restoration of the classic primary being the only real change.




Here, I made some more tweaks. I removed the clover from above the NOB on the home and road (I felt that it cluttered up the back of the uniform, especially with it being the same color as the lettering).



On the alternates, I really did not want to do too much. Both of the alternates are intended for special occasions, as I feel that the Celtics are a team that really does not need alternates. However, I made both a holiday alternate and a throwback alternate. The holiday alternate is the old St. Patrick's Day alt, just with the "Boston" script swapped out for a "Celtics" script. The throwback alternate is a recreation of the road version of this uniform from 1948 (which the current black-script alt is based on), albeit with an NOB to comply with NBA rules.



In the next post, with far more substantive changes, the Brooklyn Nets!

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While I did like what the Nets did with their Brooklyn redesign, I had some problems with it. For starters, I felt it looked far too plain (with the simple panels and the basic piping), and that the black had no real basis in their history and made them look too much like the Spurs. So, I went a little into the history of Brooklyn and the Nets to create this concept, and this is the end result.

The most obvious change is the switch to a blue/white color scheme. The Nets always had blue in their color scheme prior to moving to Brooklyn, and the blue has a special connection to the location (namely the Brooklyn Dodgers). I even used a modified version of the Brooklyn Dodgers' proper "B" logo (based on this version with the triangle space removed, and different enough from the MLB licensed version and New Era version to avoid copyright issues, but when has that been a problem in the NBA). There is a new secondary featuring the Brooklyn bridge, and an adjusted "Brooklyn New York" roundel. Because of the primary's distinctiveness and the "B" in the basketball, the city name is not slapped onto it (I'll be more lax about putting city names in logos, unlike the NBA). The fonts are a mix of Fenway Park JF and Conrad's Beaverton Script. The court does not receive much modification, with the new color scheme taking hold and the herringbone floor slightly lightened in stain.




When I did these uniforms, I wanted to make them inventive, and tie them into the city and team's history. So, I used the cursive script (with history in Brooklyn and on the Nets), tilted the scripts, modified the Wilson Varsity font to emulate one of the McAuliffe varsity fonts used by the Dodgers, and reused the argyle pattern of the Nets' 90's-00's uniforms to emulate both basket nets and steel tresses (the later of which can can be seen throughout Brooklyn, imagine the marketing lingo used to promote that). The crew neck collars also return, undoing more of the Rev30 changes.



On the alternates, the primary is a recreation of the classic ABA-era uniform, just using the proposed color scheme, scripts, and fonts. The Hardwood Classic uniform is the home version of that same ABA uniform, mostly meant for ABA/70's match-ups in Brooklyn (i.e. with the Spurs, Nuggets, and Pacers, who all have ABA-style alts).



Up next, we blast off to Buzz City!

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Wow you are in a class above when it comes to NBA concepts. The only thing I'm not liking is the Boston shamrock shorts other than that, perfection. The color change on Brooklyn is brilliant and that secondary.

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Hawks and Celtics are superb! The Nets concept is fantastic as well, but I think the primary shield should be on the home shorts. I know its using the secondary shield to showcase the brooklyn bridge, but I think it would be illegible on the court.

Great job overall. Can't wait for the suns

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I was going through the Nets writeup and kept thinking "I hope he uses the old Dr. J. star Nets uniforms, or else I'll comment about it" and I finally saw them and just nodded my head with a big grin. Those are beautiful uniforms!

My one thing is that the cross sport connection from an old team like the Dodgers being connected to a now Brooklyn team. I feel like it's more of a "Let's just take what they did and use it as our own" even with the changes and such. Don't get me wrong, I love what you did with these, but that part is bugging me a bit.

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The Nets were looking great until I got to the uniforms. I don't think the argyle pattern in the side panel works for them, maybe because it's all the same color (blue and white). And I would also off-center the number on the front how most baseball uniforms are.

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  • Love the simplicity for them! I have always thought that they should look simple and classic and that fits their brand.
  • St. Patrick's Day alt looks fine for them.
  • That Hardwood Classic uniform is spectacular


  • Perfect update for the primary with the improved color scheme.
  • That secondary is easily the best logo of the team. Love the Brooklyn connection.
  • It's more evident in the uniforms and I adore the script on the uniforms. Very classy way to express Brooklyn.
  • The alt is very solid and so is the Hardwood Classic.

Overall, both are amazing and can't wait for the next team. (**)(**)(**)(**)(**)

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Oh wow, I haven't been on the boards in a while, so I didn't see this thread before starting my series. I didn't mean to be a copycat, but great job! These are by far the best NBA concepts I've seen on here recently. I love all of these, especially the Nets. I look forward to the rest.

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