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*Updated - FSU - New Nike Football Uniform Concept


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Hello Everyone,

This is my first concept for logos and uniforms that I've ever posted. I'm honored to do.

With that being said,

Here are my uniform concepts for Florida State Seminoles.


-I wanted to keep the uniforms simple like the previous uniforms, but also wanted to give them a feel of a Nike ProCombat style.

I would love your comments and critiques on anything that I could do to make them better.

Thanks guys!


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i personally don't like the blank red sleeves on the white (but surprisingly like it on the red and black jersey), i feel it would look like the Jaguars jerseys that are just blank teal, making them look like tank tops and such. I also feel the new pattern should be somewhere like the collar and cuffs like the last set had with the feathers.

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UPDATED 5.17.14

Thank you for your feedback.

I have made changes to the uniforms. I added in the current Indian tribal design that now appears on the uniforms but have made a few changes to the overall look.

What other changes do you think I can make to make these look better? Thanks again for your feedback. Untitled-1-01.jpg

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