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Rugby Canada and Under Armour


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Rugby Canada and Under Armour have announced a partnership. So that means KooGa is no longer the official kit provider for the national team anymore.

Jen kish@jen_kish41 mins

Big step forward 4 Rugby in Canada. @RugbyCanada unites with @UnderArmour Excited 2 rep both logos. Jersey launch on June 3. #TeamUA #IWILL

As it says here a new kit will be revealed June 3... just in time for the test against Japan at Swangard Stadium

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I'm pretty excited for this. I almost picked up a KooGa shirt not too long ago as they were on sale, but glad I didn't. UAs only other big national rugby team is Wales who also wear red.


It will be interesting to see what they do to differentiate the two.

I'll be at Swangard on Saturday. I'll have cash on hand, don't disappoint UA!

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CFL dudes probably couldn't take it just the same reason there are no nfl dudes on the eagles. I believe it's too much of a challenge mentally and physically for those dudes.

Yeah absolutely man. We also should replace all our police, firemen, soldiers, etc with Rugby players while we're at it, since there is no tougher group of people on Earth.

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