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Atlanta Hawks Redesign


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Well I've fallen into the trend of redesigning the Hawks uniforms. While I like their uniforms now, I dislike the generic RWB color scheme. Let's face it, we all know that the red and yellow color scheme is what the Hawks should be wearing. So I brought that back and made a modern update to the 'Nique era uniforms. I love the current font, so I kept that. And to keep with the modern update, I put a gradient in the side panels of the alternate.







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While I'm not all that big a fan of the 'Nique-style uniforms, I really like how you've done them. Maybe adding a little more curve into the panels' edges would be good (that logo does have some well-defined curves after all), but other than that you've updated the look nicely. The alternate is another good look (especially the gradient in the panel. Great job.

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