WSW Indians High School Redesign (Some sports)

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Hey everyone! First of all I will love to see all of the C&C for all of these that I did a couple months ago. However, I won't be able to stress enough that I will unfortunately will not be able to make updates or edits. Though I will listen and reply back to what you have to say.

Basically this is my alma mater high school now. Never a good sports program (Other than track and hockey for 1 year) and never a good looking sports program in my opinion. I took it upon myself to create a few new logos and new jerseys for some sports to give the whole sports program a more unified look.

Main Logo Sheet:


First up in the next post is lacrosse!

Lacrosse Jerseys:












That's all I worked on. I'll go on google to see if I can grab some current jerseys that these sports wore. The football helmet spear goes back to when they wore the FSU spear. Now the whole school is the Wisconsin 'W'. Which we all hate, yet the school pushes it more and more. So I hope I gave a nice middle.

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Sorry to bump for a such a small update to something you can already see above, but this is a better look at the helmet.


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i cant post threads right now i just made my account. my friend got me into this site and concepts but i can't post right now. mind if i send you my stuff and you can post for me? thanks

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The first full uniform one?

I don't have it anymore but I believe it was in the .PSD thread that's pinned. Actually, that goes for all of the football templates I use. I look through the pages there.

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