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Foxes Logo Concept


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What's up everyone?

I'm doing the branding for the high school I am graduation from this week. Although the school was established in the 1800s, the school has never had a true identity. The closest thing to a real logo is paintings throughout the school of random foxes and a pixelated "Y" on the district's various websites. I have been in contact with administration throughout the district and have been hired to "re"brand the entire district. Although the school has a variety of sports programs, I believe it is important to be consistent with logos. I plan on doing an academic word mark, a school seal, a primary & secondary "spirit" (or sports) logos, and a sports word mark.

Anyway, enough of that. Here is what I have so far for the primary logo. The "Foxes" are red, black, and white. The administration was very adamant about silver/gray not being used on the primary logo. What do you think so far? I plan on improving the mouth but everything else is basically done for my first draft. I would love as much feedback as possible!!

Thank you!


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I think the ears are a little too pointed and big. To me, they are more of a focal point than they should be.

But nice work!

Thanks! one of the few suggestions I was given was a predominant forehead, and giant ears lol. I did look into real foxes and could tell that the ears do take up a large percentage of their heads. 4772717218_8febf63ccb_z.jpgred-fox.jpg

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You should really look at more actual photos of foxes to get the anatomy right. The ears need the most work. They aren't sitting in the correct location on the head. The far ear looks like it is twisted around. From this angle, we shouldn't be seeing the inside of the far ear. Rather, we should be seeing the back side of that ear, so take out the shadow. The forehead also looks too high. Fox snouts don't suddenly jump up like that around the brow. They gradually slope upward. I'm not sure what program you are using, but you will want to make the sharp points on the ears and fur less pointy. Sure, foxes have pointy ears, but this is too much. I don't think the darker shade of red is necessary. You could just make those areas black and it will simplify the colors.

If the school is really going to use this, you want to get it right, otherwise once they notice that it isn't right and if they care, they will be looking for a another re-brand in a few years. If you make these changes, I think you will be more satisfied in the final product.

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