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My nhl designs concepts


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Umm, great job... I when I opened this thread I immediately thought "Oh this is another one of those paint users who make a recoloring of an NHLuniforms.com and call it a "concept", but no... I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

On the jersey it's self I have to say the striping looks good, and though I'm not positive on the yoke, I don't mind it. My only suggestion is to add some gold in there, something the Sens should do.

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Well, I've been using Britains Got Talent references all day...and this is like the Susan Boyle of the concept boards today. I thought this was going to be a face palming post when I saw your grammar and the post you left on my thread. Wow, great job here with the execution for a beginner (if you are one). Next thing to work on is just the design. I think arm and hem striping are fine but the yoke is...okay...

I'd say you do what Jake said and add some gold. Either as a small accent stripe or make it a prominent stripe. Maybe even think gold stripes separating the yoke stripes?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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