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The Road to Omaha: The 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread


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Once again, it's that time... the NCAA Baseball Tournament is upon us and the 16 regional hosts have been named. They are, in alphabetical order..

-Cal Poly


-Florida State




-UL Lafayette

-Miami (Florida)


-Oklahoma State

-Oregon State


-South Carolina




So, what do you guys think? Who got snubbed as a host?

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UW probably got snubbed -- even though they pretty much played their way out of hosting a regional this weekend against UCLA.

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Yeah... Washington did no favor in doing that.

But, enough whining because the brackets are out. The first step is the 8 national seeds. These eight teams will host the entire way and cannot meet each other until Omaha.

1. Oregon State

2. Florida

3. Virginia

4. Indiana

5. Florida State

6. UL Lafayette

7. TCU

8. LSU

Now, the regionals themselves:

Corvalls Super Regional - Corvallis Regional winner vs. Stillwater Regional winner

Corvallis Regional: Oregon State, UNLV, UC Irvine, North Dakota State

Stillwater Regional: Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Cal State Fullerton, Binghamton

Baton Rouge Super Regional - Houston Region winner vs. Baton Rouge Region winner

Houston Regional: Rice, Texas, Texas A&M, George Mason

Baton Rouge Regional: LSU, Houston, Bryant, Southeastern Louisiana

Tallahassee Super Regional - Tallahassee Regional winner vs. Louisville Regional winner

Tallahassee Regional: Florida State, Alabama, Kennesaw State, Georgia Southern

Louisville Regional: Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas, Kent State

Bloomington Super Regional - Nashville Regional winner vs. Bloomington Regional winner

Nashville Regional: Vanderbilt, Oregon, Clemson, Xavier

Bloomington Regional: Indiana, Indiana State, Stanford, Youngstown State

Gainesville Super Regional - Gainesville Regional winner vs. Coral Gables Regional winner

Gainesville Regional: Florida, Long Beach State, North Carolina, College of Charleston

Coral Gables Regional: Miami (Florida), Texas Tech, Columbia, Bethune-Cookman

Forth Worth Super Regional - San Luis Obispo Regional winner vs. Fort Worth Regional winner

San Luis Obispo Regional: Cal Poly, Arizona State, Pepperdine, Sacramento State

Fort Worth Regional: TCU, Dallas Baptist, Sam Houston State, Siena

Lafayette Super Regional - Lafayette Regional winner vs. Oxford Regional winner

Lafayette Regional: UL Lafayette, Mississippi State, San Diego State, Jackson State

Oxford Regional: Mississippi, Washington, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville State

Charlottesville Super Regional - Columbia Regional winner vs. Charlottesville Regional winner

Columbia Regional: South Carolina, Maryland, Old Dominion, Campbell

Charlottesville Regional: Virginia, Arkansas, Liberty, Bucknell

There you go, people. You can now talk about which is the toughest and the weakest regionals, who got snubbed and make your predictions.

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I don't know about anyone else, but I always watch the softball tournament over the men. Probably because it's the only time of year you can really see women play, but I've just never gotten into college baseball.

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They probably won't last long but congrats to Sac State on making it to their first Division I tournament.

And Kennesaw State as well. Oh, and a big welcome back to North Dakota State (First apperence since 1956)

I'm shocked that no one here has made a big stink about Youngstown State getting in at 16-36.

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Proud to be the son of Youngstown State graduates right now. ^_^

They'll probably go to Bloomington and... I'll be back in Youngstown this weekend for a wedding. Sigh.

Damn, they made it with a record of 16-36. Man, if they actually went all the way.... that would be something.

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