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Warriors Logo Concept


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Very nice modern looking design you have there! Aside from what others have already posted I think it needs a little something in the neck area maybe have some of his neck showing or part of a necklace. Other than that...I like this, Well done!

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Is this better for the lips? Still feel like something's missing...


Hi alexo.

About the lip. I'd suggest to take your time watching at other side-face pictures to get used to the anatomy before you simplify. I attached some pictures that show better executed lips - when already simplified.

To me - the head still looks kind of flat although you implemented highlights and shadowing. I'm missing more dark blue shadowing to suggest the cheek-bones as well as some wrinkles for a more experienced impression of the warrior. There you can also use different shades of yellow around it to get more depth.

One thing that also might cause the plain look is the fact that the feathers are fixed at some point but there's no headband - so right now it looks like it's just stuck to the head. A headband could also cause some shadow and bring more depth that way.

The ear could use some shadowing as well. And the feathers could be a bit bended to look more natural. So there are many little things that you can to work on to get it to the direction that you want it to be.

All the best wishes



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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