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Your worst days of your life as a sports fan


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2007 The Cowboys being upset by the Giants in the divisional playoffs after sweeping them in the regular season winning both games by double digits, of course we all kmow what happened after that the Giants wound up pulling off the biggest upset in Super Bowl history beating a Patriots team that came into the game undefeated

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Green Bay Packers

- Brett Favre's Retirement (Although in hindsight, that may have been a blessing)

- Fail mary

Milwaukee Brewers

-The last half of the 08/09 (Or was it 07/08) seasons when we collapsed (Thankfully the latter season we got the wildcard)

-Not resigning C.C. Sabathia

Virginia Tech

-Losing to USC in the season opener in 02/03 ish

-Losing the 14 Opener to Bama due to poor special teams

UW-Madison Badgers

-The MSU hail mary game in 2010(?), I swear we had an outside shot at the title that year given how we managed to chew up Indian and Northwestern (Scoring 70+ points both times), I still think we could have snuck in with one loss.

-Any of our recent Rose Bowls

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I'm only 16, so my sports memories don't go back that far, but as a Penn State fan I'd have to say that my worst sports moment was on November 8, 2008 when Penn State was upset by Iowa with a last second field goal, after some controversial calls. Penn State went on to solidly beat Indian and MSU, but went on to lose to USC in the Rose Bowl. That Iowa loss kept them out of the championship that year. That upset me. Also, being a 16 year old Penn State fan from Nebraska, everytime Nebraska beats Penn State in something, I receive a lot of crap for it.

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World Cup final 2006: I was only 4 when France won the World Cup in 1998, and watching footages of the insane joy of people in the streets had always frustrated me, how I wish I were 10 years older at that time to celebrate. Now you get how excited I was in 2006, finally I would be able to witness it. For those who don't know, Italy beat us in the penalty shootout. I cried my eyes out walking back home, seeing so many people in streets trying to hold their tears. Bad memory.

French league season 2007, late may: FC Nantes is one of the biggest clubs in France, having won the league 8 times (the record is 10 for Saint Etienne, to give you the picture) and also holding the record for most consecutive seasons in the top flight, with 44 years in a row. But in 2007, we were close to relegation, and it happened. We had won 3-1 against long time rival Bordeaux, but Nice's win put us officially in the second league for the first time in 44 years. That was really painful. That was the day that settled this mythic club's fall into hell.

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1979 - I cheered as my Orioles took a 3-1 Series lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates and then watched it all slip away as the O's scored only 2 runs in the final 3 games and lost the Series in 7 games.

March 29, 1984 - Bob Irsay packed up the Baltimore Colts and fled to Indianapolis in the middle of the night.

And pretty much every year since Peter Angelos bought the Orioles.

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In chronological order...

Kirk Gibson's Walk-Off in the 88 World Series

Jerome Brown's death

Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals

Owen Hart dying on May 23, 1999 (not a real sport, but Owen was my favorite wrestler and I had tickets to Kemper Arena for the PPV and didn't go because it was my Mother's birthday)

Eagles losing to St. Louis

Eagles losing to Tampa Bay

Eagles losing to Carolina

Eagles losing to New England

Eagles losing to Arizona

Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals

Oakland losing to Detroit in back to back years

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May 13, 2013


The first, and so far only time I have ever cried after a sporting event.

My beloved Leafs, the laughingstock of the NHL, finally made the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons and really looked like they were about to upset one of their biggest rivals. Instead, they blew it in one of the worst playoff collapses in league history.

It didn't help that my dad's side of the family are huge Bruins fans and the fact that I'm sure we could've beaten the Rangers and advanced to the final four.


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SB 25, 26, 27, 28

Game 7, 1992 Adams Semifinals

Games 5-6, 1990 Adams Semifinals

1998 and 1999 AFC Wild Card Games

Games 3 and 6, 1999 Stanley Cup Finals

1988 AFC Championship Game

Games 6 and 7, 2001 NHL East Semifinals

Games 4, 5, and 7 2006 NHL East Finals

2007 NHL East Finals

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