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ESCC Frankfurt and Cardiff c&c welcome


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With the final tournament drawing to a close I see many of you getting your concepts out there for some more in depth c&c. I would like to get in on this as well and will be jumping around the threads offering my c&c of your concepts.

First up is my submission to the Germany round. Frankfort A.M. SK. I chose the name from the full official name of the city, Frankfurt am Main. SK was chosen after a bit of research meaning "sporting club". The bird on the crest is is similar to the one featured on the city crest and flag, and even after hours of reading I'm still not sure if is an easgle or a phoenix because I have read both. The colors orange and blue? Just me representing my home town Syracuse, NY. The name Firsching on the kit is my Grandfather's family name though he was from Stuttgart. I changed what was a much busier blue away kit featuring a diamond pattern to the toned down version you saw in the voting round. To be honest I love the Orange kit but not so much the blue/white set. This was the first soccer concept I have ever attempted and feel it went well, just didn't fare well against some stiff competition in Germany.


Next up was Cardiff in the U.K. round. I was very pleased to get my hands on the Cardiff team. The only team in Wales, another of my ancestoral "homes". One Soccer naming convention that I really admire is the term "united". It creates a sense of pride that two teams would set aside differences and unite to become better. Cardiff had to be a Cardiff United. The crest started taking shape early in my design process and the home kit mirrored closely what was going on in the crest. Both the home and away kits feature both the light blue/white of one team and the deep red of the other. Kits 3 and 4 are traditional kits Cardiff Docks A.F.C. and Cardiff Crimson F.C. and can be worn as,(soccer people don't cringe), throwbacks. I was especially proud of the entire Cardiff presentation only to run into the buzz-saw of other fantastic U.K. submissions.


I welcome all C&C and maybe I'll do a few more just for fun. I'm also going to throw some screenshots on here of my uniforms in action in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I was glad to walk away with some decent points despite being a huge rookie with soccer concepts. I look forward to hearing some feedback.

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Cardiff was nearly in my top-five. What knocked it out was the palette. The saturation of the two colours seems too similar to me. I felt like the colours were competing with each other too much, especially where the colours touch. A lighter blue would likely have put it in my top-five.

Frankfurt was solid, as well. But what knocked it out there is the detailing on the crest. It's appearing on my screen as a little bigger than it would be as a jersey badge. Shrunk down to that size, the detail on the soccer balls would disappear.

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Actually not too much to C&C on either of these, as far as I'm concerned. I really like Frankfurt: kits, colors, crest. The only thing about the crest is the three stripes near the top. Maybe consider just one on either side so the lines are more pronounced and don't become so pixelated at the ends (this could just be my screen, of course, though).

You are right to call the UK round a buzz-saw. Cardiff easily would have been top 5 for me, normally. I too like the idea of teams coming together, and you executed the different--and combined--looks well. I'm not crazy about the "CUFC" in the crest, though. I think just a "CU" or a "C" would suffice. PLus, the U looks like a C turned 90 degrees instead of an actual U.

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