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The Wild League Project


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The Wild League Project

...attempts to develop a series of kids' hockey books and its teams/characters,

that would be associated with minor hockey programs in Canada and the U.S..

The teams of the Wild League represent 6 different North American animal communities.


I've had this idea kickin' around in my head for a lo-o-o-ng time now, and figured it was about time to 'flesh it out'.

I'm going to develop it on these boards because, even though it's a little different in the fact that it's a program intended for kids...

It still requires the creation of a league identity, and identities for the 6 teams.

Hope you enjoy it and, as usual I appreciate any criticisms, advice, ideas, feedback, etc...


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The Wild League Identity

"Fun, Friendly, Familiar"

The league logo must be adaptable as it will be used to identify the league, the project, and all products associated with the concept.

It will be used on posters, apparel, catalogues, hockey products, and will even appear within the books themselves.

I went with a bit of a retro look, using shapes with a combo of script and regular fonts.


Considering that the league has both mammal and bird teams, I thought that the 'Fur and Feathered' stylized "W" works better.

The word-mark, and its variations can be script only...


...or the "league" part can be toned back to emphasize the "Wild".

This version works better with the application of a background shape...


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The Wild League Mascot

The "Wild Thing"

One of my favourite threads is ren69's excellent "UPDATING VINTAGE LOGOS".

...And actually, for a project geared to the younger crowd, a vintage logo (which, in most cases is a stylized cartoon) designed for the league and each team, would be a good idea.

For the league, I did up a fictional character with elements from each of the 6 teams. It's kind of a 'weavlerabbearat'...


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Wild League Logos


The Wild League logo and vintage mascot will be used in a variety of ways.

The logo will be adapted for each element of the project...


...And, of course, will identify every book as a Wild League product...


Logo and mascot can be used on promotional material...


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Hi Campbell,

I hope so...although I don't have to.

I keep a sketch pad in my work truck, and over the years I've put together about 10 ideas for books, all in different stages of completion.

I'm gonna put the overall concept together right now, and if the idea flies, I could do the writing and illustration, or it could involve another writer and/or illustrator and/or all of the above.

A little variety in the books would probably be a good thing.

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Wild League Stuff

Although most spinoff stuff would probably be team related, the "Wild League" logo and mascot could be used for merchandise...


The Wild League Project focuses on the Canadian and American markets with two of the teams (the beavers and the eagles) essentially being a fictional "Team Canada" and "Team U.S.A".

The Wild League logo can also exist in a Canadian and American version for use on such items as T-shirts and hockey bags...



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What, no Screech Owls?

Great stuff as always, Sparky. I do hope this dream becomes a reality.

Yeah, the Screech Owls. :lol: Boy, I wish.....That's a great series by Roy MacGregor.

Thanks nas.

Sounds very, very interesting, and what you have already thrown together is really good. Even though I'm not a hockey person, this seems like a really cool and unique idea.

That mascot is phenomenal. Awesome work.

Thanks for the input guys.

Mascot looks great, except for one thing... He looks too angry. Try and make him more friendly looking, as this project pertains to children. Think Hugo Hornet.

You're right Griff. Although this concept is similar to most others, at the same time, it's very different.

I gotta keep in mind who my target market is, and Wild Thing looked a little too aggressive.

Thanks G.

I fixed him....more friendly; less fierce...


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Guest darkpiranha

Once again, you gift us with an incredible series, unlike anything else here. Can't wait to see every step of this process.

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Got some serious skills there sparky! This is a great concept, very well thought out & executed idea. Very professional on every level. I'm really digging that mascot! Will definitely be keeping up with this one. Awesome detailed work from you as always! Keep it up.

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