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Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT


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Hell, why not. If it's only one concept of a logo and 2 kits, then I can handle it. Count me in.

I'll use this as an excuse to polish off my soccer template that I keep on procrastinating on...

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So here are a few questions I have for you Mike:

1. "Correspond to your country's colors and designs."

Come across a bit confusing to me...for a team like Portugal for example; would we have to use the same colors that Adidas chose for them this year (Black/Electric Yellow), or would we have to stick to the historical colors (Dark Red/Green)? Or can we choose a color that was historically worn before for this country? I understand the reasoning behind this is to not allow a team like the Netherlands to wear pink or something, but I feel like it is too vague and can easily be confused. Maybe I'm just overthinking it... But can I get some clarification on that?

2. Manufactures

Do we stick with the current manufacture or can we do any manufacture we want?

Really excited for this... Should be even better than the ESCC due to all the premier designers we got on board for this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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