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Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT


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Somewhere along the line, I misscounted. I hadn't changed the count from 16 to 18 when I started counting from mobile. The last person to enter was LaFarge. BlackBolt, TorinK92, and Philsphan, would you mind being the alternates? I can almost bet that all 32 won't submit, so if someone drops out, you can replace them.

Sorry about that everyone, just an error on my part.

I'll have everyone's team posted tonight.

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I had no idea sign ups would blow up this fast!

And chrisCLEMENT

1. "Correspond to your country's colors and designs."

Come across a bit confusing to me...for a team like Portugal for example; would we have to use the same colors that Adidas chose for them this year (Black/Electric Yellow), or would we have to stick to the historical colors (Dark Red/Green)? Or can we choose a color that was historically worn before for this country? I understand the reasoning behind this is to not allow a team like the Netherlands to wear pink or something, but I feel like it is too vague and can easily be confused. Maybe I'm just overthinking it... But can I get some clarification on that?

2. Manufactures

Do we stick with the current manufacture or can we do any manufacture we want?

1. Think of it more like you're rebranding the national team. So obviously you go sky blue and white stripes for Argentina's home, but can do anything for the clash.

2. I was thinking about making you keep the brand, but no one wants to keep the small brands like UhlSport for Iran ahah. You can do whatever company you want.

Really excited for this... Should be even better than the ESCC due to all the premier designers we got on board for this.

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Okay so I put the 32 of you into 4 pots based on concepts I've seen and how you performed in the ESCC. When you signed up also was a factor too, and caused some of you to drop down a pot. I hope no one minds their pot. But anyway, I took each pot and randomized it, and the result was what came out below. I did that for all 4 pots. Then horizontally was the group you were paired with. In my opinion, the Group of Deaths are Group D, G, and H.


So I took the results from the randomized lists horiontally, and used those results to determined what team everyone had.


Happy designing!

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Wow how did I miss this competition? I guess I should have checked the board at work today. Thought maybe Mike you would have posted it in the evening. That sucks. All in all, no worries. Best of luck to all 32 competitors and looking forward to this competition. Best way to ring in the World Cup

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Yeah it was just me driving home today and I was thinking about the dates would work out and I just figured it out and thought I might as well open it up to everyone.

I had no idea that the spots would fill up so fast. That was surprising.

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