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Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT


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mr.nascar13 gives up Costa Rica to BlackBolt.

I'm sure Bolt would say "thanks alot" for throwing him directly into the group of death.

Yessir. It doesn't bother me as much, I have nothing to lose, really.
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Ecuador should be fun. I was kinda hoping to get a country I don't know a lot about so they certainly tick that box.

Gives me a chance to research them a little bit and they will probably now end up being my "second team" for the real tournament.

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Colombia. Oh well, might as well work something out with cocaine... or a silhouette of Falcao getting tackled by the french amateur that made him miss the World Cup.


One question though, will you put on some rules for the submission ? Something kinda bothered me in your European Tournaments: it's that some concept had a whole designed background and text as explanation, sometimes nearly shadowing the logo concept itself, while others were just the logo thrown out in a white backgound. I personnaly thought at first that you couldn't add text or a background to the concept and made the 3 concepts at the same time with just a plain background, I was kinda surprised when I saw the other submissions (don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to justify my horrible rankings haha).

I think it could be fair to explain what's ok for the concepts (background, explanation for the elements chosen in the logo and shirts), or even ask everyone to get a similar template (like logo in the center, shirts on its left and right or whatever you want).

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