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Anti-FIFA protesting in Brazil


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Since their is no thread about how crappy FIFA is, and how some Brazilians don't want the World Cup or Olympics to take place in Brazil. I thought I would start a thread.

Since Brazilians are protesting the Brazilian government and FIFA for the Brazilians government spending on 12 World Cup Stadiums. And countless Anti-Fifa graffiti has covered the streets of Brazil and videos have surfaced of the protests of the World Cup in Brazil.

Many of the protesters are protesting because of the corrupt Brazilian government and how they are spending taxpayers money on stadiums instead of on hospitals or public transportation, you know something that will actually help the people of Brazil. But no, they spend money on stadiums they will likely never use again.

This is very shocking because we all know how much Brazilians love their soccer.

So what is your intake on this situation, do you agree with the people of Brazil or do you side with the corrupt officials of the Brazilian government and FIFA?

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It's not "very shocking" because it's a major linchpin in What will be an economic disaster in Brazil. There have been protests and opposition since the year it was announced the competition would be held there.

The country can barely support it's own infrastructure, there are tonnes of hospitals, schools and public transportation issues across the country that were left unfinished 10-20 even 30 years ago, which would take just a fraction of a cost to build than it would take to build just two or three stadiums, much less 12 and the costs to operate the finals, not to mention the Olympics in two years even.

Brazil does love its soccer, but that doesn't mean a still developing country for the most part can just drop everything and spend billions of dollars on two major world events and expect to come out just fine.

I think a lot of Brazilians would have just been happy to watch the games in the US or some godforsaken tiny desert country that FIFA would have decided to put the games in, fix their economy, infrastructure, and medical problems. And if it turns out all right, host it in a couple of decades.

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So what is your intake on this situation, do you agree with the people of Brazil or do you side with the corrupt officials of the Brazilian government and FIFA?


My intake is that it occurred in 2010 in South Africa too.

Ricky, from the story:

Thousands of South Africans staged a march on Wednesday to protest against lavish spending on the tournament and the sacking of security staff, inflicting a new embarrassment on organisers.

As the country marked the 34th anniversary of the Soweto uprising against apartheid rule, about 3 000 people marched in Durban to denounce Fifa and the government for their spending priorities when millions live in poverty.

“Get out Fifa mafia!” chanted the crowds in a Durban park, their ranks swelled by stewards who were involved in clashes with riot police on Monday after protests over their wages.

Monday’s protests triggered walkouts by other stewards, which have led South Africa’s police to take control at the World Cup stadiums in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Durban.

Ever since it was awarded the staging rights, South Africa’s government has faced accusations it should not be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on stadiums when about 40% of the population lives on less than $2 a day.

“If we have money for stadiums, we should not have any homeless people or people having to live in shacks,” organiser Allan Murphy said ahead of the protest.

Much of the marchers’ ire was directed towards Fifa, which has made record amounts of money from the first World Cup to be held in Africa.

It would have occurred to this degree in 1978, but Argentina had a military junta.

You may want to spend some time before games start at Duke University's Soccer Politics Page and read up.

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I agree with Torin. The country of Brazil loves their football but infrastructure-wise, they were not ready to host a World Cup nor the Olympics. Hell, four stadiums are not scheduled to be completed prior to the start of the World Cup including Sao Paulo's venue where Brazil v Croatia will take place. Their medical and education system is in disarray, where the government can barely afford to pay their doctors, nurses and teachers. A good size of the population lives in poverty. Yes the FIFA World Cup brings in a huge influx of money into the country, from hotels to tourism. But really where will all that money go? To the upper half of the Brazilian population that's where it will go. I don't blame the Brazilian population to protest against the government and FIFA. They want a better life for themselves and their children. I think if they Brazil would have held off from the bidding process for another 20 years and would have went for the 2034 World Cup, maybe the country would be ready for it. Plus it was a double edged sword with being awarded both the World Cup and Summer Olympics two years apart. The only venues you can re-use for both are for football, rugby sevens and maybe track & field. I love the game of football, the beautiful game. I been waiting to see the best in the world play in Brazil. But I can see the World Cup be littered with many protests from beginning to end causing disruption and creating a blemish for the world to see. Reminds me of 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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but does that mean they have the right to throw rocks at the building containg the media? ,.....its giving their protests a bad name not a good one, i believe in their cause ...they have a right to do so, and i believe they are right but why risk tarnishing their image by assaulting something that has nothing to do with the problem

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