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Players on your teams you never liked


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In light of the "Players on other teams you liked" thread, I'm going the opposite.

Who were some players on your teams that you never got behind?

For me:

Sabres- Grant Fuhr. We gave away the still useful Dave Andreychuk for a kinda washed up Grant Fuhr who at this time had more name than game. Yeah, he contributed to the Boston sweep, but I'd have liked BUF's chances against Montreal with Andreychuk's knack for ugly garbage goals. Remember when Mogilny went down? Could have used him.

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B.J Upton.


Absolutely 100%. He was a very inconsistent hitter for the Rays and that was a big problem for them (they need a consistent hitter on a daily basis). Also, he sometimes lacks hustle and is a distraction. When they got rid of him, I was happy because I knew that Wil Myers could do something BJ could never do on a daily basis and that was hitting. That's why I'm grateful the Rays have Wil Myers now and in future years, become a better hitter than BJ.

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Jeff Friesen.

Part of the package the Mighty Ducks got for Teemu Selanne in 2001, that was reason one for not liking him. Then he specifically said he didn't want to play for the Ducks. We trade his ass in 2003 to New Jersey where he then scores the Stanley Cup winning goal against the Ducks. Easily my least favorite Mighty Duck of all time. (And for some reason, he's been welcomed back with open arms as part of the Ducks alumni team. Stupid.)

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That was actually Mike Rupp who scored the Cup winning goal. Friesen scored the game winner against Ottawa in the conference finals.

He did score two goals in that Game 7, though. You'll forgive me for not wanting to remember that correctly.

I think he missed an empty net late in that one too. I remember dreading a Friesen hat trick in the Cup clinching game. That would've put it to an extra level of terrible.

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Redskins Players

Lavar Arrington: He's a dick in general. Plus he screwed over the employees of his failed sports bar.

Albert Haynesworth: no explanation needed

Brian Mitchell: Good player during his time with team. Major douche.

Fred Davis: screwed himself

Carlos Rodgers: made too many bad plays when with the Skins. Waste of a first round pick. Did a 180 with the Niners. Bastard!

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Currently, Jared Dudley has made himself loathed to Clipper fans for a.) being out-of-shape all year, b.) making excuses about his out-of-shapeness, and c.) being useless in all facets of the game after he was part of the Bledsoe trade. It didn't help matters that we didn't like him before he came here for constantly starting :censored: with Blake back when he was still a Sun and for making the same old cliched Clipper jokes we already hear enough of from Laker "fans."

Another recent one for me (and most Charger fans) is Jared Gaither, a known quitter and locker room cancer who allegedly faked injuries while in San Diego. David Boston and (the obvious choice) Ryan Leaf aren't too popular either.

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wow where do I begin? I can think of so many off the top of my head. Here's the biggest dbag that played for each of my teams.


Jeff Carter. The NHL's biggest prima donna. I was excited for him to join the team for about an hour and then he got here and was petulant the entire time. I can't believe he's going to win a second cup this season.

Honorable mention: Steve Mason, Derick Brassard


When I heard the Bengals signed him I said "why????". He didn't fit into the offense and the move made very little football sense. That was the offseason when both he and Ochocinco had their own reality shows on VH1. His attitude didn't help a bad team. They lost ten straight games at one point and it's not a coincidence they won two games with him out of the lineup.

honorable mention: James Harrison, Chris Henry


The Reds traded Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez. Volquez was an okay pitcher and an allstar in his first year, but that was his only full season out of four with the Reds. He was constantly getting injured, then there was the time he got busted for PEDs while injured so he served his 50 game suspension when he wasn't able to play anyways. His hat was constantly falling off because of his dreads and it felt like he was always spotting the other team 3-0 leads in the first inning. The Reds got worked in that trade so eventually they worked someone else by nabbing Mat Latos for him.

honorable mention: Felipe Lopez. ugh.

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Off the top of my head, here are my top d-bag players for my baseball teams. It's not that there are players on my basketball and hockey teams that I've disliked, it's just that I find myself more invested in baseball players.


Miguel Tejada (2011)


A surprise pick here. A big reason why the Giants got in that cavernous offensive hole in 2011 (along with Posey's injury), and why they felt the need to trade for Beltran and Orlando Cabrera. He plain couldn't hit at this point in his career, and it only got worse as the season went on. He also was a terrible defensive player, costing the team several games along the way.

Honorable mention: AJ Pierzynski (2004)

Red Sox

Adrian Gonzalez (2011-12)


This one is less because of the player, and more what he represented. Namely, he represented Theo's rampant spending and "fantasy-style" team building that created the conditions of the 2011 collapse and the 2012 sinkhole. I was glad that he got sent to LA in the waiver deal, clearing house of Theo's mistakes.

Honorable mention: Josh Beckett (2006-12)


Colby Rasmus (2009-11)


Probably the only Cardinal I've actively disliked. His attitude issues were a notable distraction for the team, and his conflicts with LaRussa did not sit well with me. Luckily, he's calmed down a bit in Toronto and his trade made the 2011 World Series possible.

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This'll be fun. As an Oilers fan, It's revolving door of players I don't want.

Dustin Penner: Lazy, underperforming, never wanted to be here, just kind of a cancer.

Devan Dubnyk: How was this guy our starter for 2 and a half years?

Denis Grebeskov: He just kinda sucked.

Sheldon Souray: See Penner.

Andrew Cogliano: He was supposed to be savior, along with Gags. He wasn't even that good, he was just fast.

Shawn Horcoff: 2nd-3rd line centre paid like a 1st liner. Undeserving captain.

Ethan Moreau: Undeserving captain.

Nail Yakupov: Sure he's good, but he's kind of a dick and is a distraction.

EDIT: Ty Conklin: 2006 SCF Game 1.

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Honorable mention: AJ Pierzynski (2004)

Pretty much all of us Giants fans hated this guy.

We gave up Joe Nathan for him. Even though the soon-to-be-stagnant Giants offenses of the late 00's would've limited his game time, he still would've been a great asset to the team. Trading him for the legendary jackass AJ is what make AJ especially reviled, even more so than he is in most fanbases.

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When the New York Yankees acquired Roger Clemens, that was the beginning of the end of my love affair with them. My love affair with the Yankees began in 1974 when I was 7 years old. The 1977 and 1978 teams will always be very near and dear to my heart.

When the Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez, that is when I stopped caring for the Yankees. From the mid 1990s when I first saw A-Fraud as a Mariner, I knew there was something about him that I disliked and distrusted. He was always a phony to me. Even when he switched positions with Cal Ripken Junior's last All-Star Game, Alex somehow seemed disingenuous to me.

When the New York Giants drafted Phillip Rivers, and the whole debacle about the Chargers swapping with the Giants to give them Eli Manning, I stopped being a Giants fan. The beginning of the end was when the Giants had a commanding 38-14 lead vs the 49ers, only to end up choking. That was before Eli came along. The thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was when someone asked Eli about this trade, Eli replied "We thought this was what was best for me." WE?!?!?! WE!!?!?????!??!! We meaning Daddy Archie. From that moment on, I always called Eli Pinocchio, Archie is Gepetto, and Peyton is Jiminy Cricket. Eli seems like a nice enough guy, and he had some incredible good luck, and won 2 Super Bowls. People often ask me if I regret bailing on the Giants in light of that. I tell them "No, to me it would be like if I divorced and my ex won the lottery. I'm happy for them, but it doesn't really affect me." Now that I'm no longer a fan of the current NFL, it affects me even less.

Back in the woeful years of the Yankees, one relief pitcher they had was Eric Plunk. He always got "plunked" too. He was dreadful.

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