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Adirondack Flames AHL Redesign


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So I really haven't been in the designing mood lately but I saw that Glens Falls got their AHL team back - again - and this time will be the farm team for Calgary. They brought back the Atlanta Flames logo which is freaking awesome except for the fact that they added a black outline and the script "ADIRONDACK" below it. Whether that will be on the jersey or not, I quickly whipped up an Atlanta Flames throwback look as Adirondack's Home and Away's. Pretty much everything is the same as the Atlanta jersey, just using the Old Gold from Adirondack. Note that the striping is slightly different from the Calgary Throwback jersey. So nothing quite original here, just a way to show what they should look like and an excuse to get myself into making Hockey material again. I also tested out a new technique... so far it's making these designs take 2 times as long to finish.

But who knows, if all goes well I might redesign all of the AHL :o



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reminds me Atlanta Flames logo before they became Calgary Flames

Well it should since it is the Atlanta Flames logo....

Anywho, this is nice but too simple. As for an alt, maybe a black alt with the word ADIRONDACK diagonal like the Rangers jerseys.

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Well it should remind you of Atlanta since its basically a direct copy of the Atlanta jerseys on a modern template - its all in the description.

As for a black alternate, I will try to work on something more on the Calgary flames side. Since its a Calgary affiliate, I don't think Rangers style wordmarks would be a possibility. I was thinking of a cursive style "Adirondack" logo simila to the Calgary Alt but on a black jersey with a more Minor-Pro style jersey.

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This would be a great look for the Atlanta Flames, but the Adriondack Flames are not the Atlanta Flames.


This they aren't, however, their logo is exactly the same as Atlanta's was with a black outline. That is why I went the route that I did. You wouldn't see a team revive the Whalers logo and have modernized jerseys on the simplistic logo?


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