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Fantasy MLB team


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What nickname would you like or suggest were New Orleans to ever get an MLB team? I have some ideas, and wanted to see if others on here could add to it. I'm imagining them becoming a National League team.

I would not want Zephyrs, as that name sounds too "bush league" to me. Also I would want a plural nickname, in other words not "Jazz" or "VooDoo" or "Carp" or "Bluefish", etc.

Team colors (gold, black, white and possibly silver)

Knights (nice alliteration with "New Orleans")

Saints (sharing the NFL team name, similar to how the Giants did from the 1920s - 1957, and the Cardinals from 1960-1987)

Nighthawks (again, alliteration) and would be a second bird team in the NL, since the AL has 2 bird teams also

Hornets (previous NBA team nickname) Black & gold could work well as real hornets are gold & yellowish...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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