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What I call "cardinal and white confusion"


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You mention Wisconsin's red being between OSU and IU but their Pantone colors are 200 and 201. Wisconsin's is 200. Maybe those have changed over the years though? But i dont recall the Badgers ever being much different.

I think their current unis are fine. The addition of red pants and a red helmet is good but to have 2 with alternate facemask colors is just stupid.

The real issue with all the red/white schools is they all look the same. 1 swatch difference dosent matter, and a different traditional stripe dosent matter. They are all very similar identities. The emphasis of red helps Wisconsin stand out a bit, the addition of black only pushes them closer to NCState. No problems are really solved.

My suggestion would be to either embrase a neutral color like black or gray and play it up more or insist on being a pure red/white team and never try to stand out. Just do red/white more consistantly than anyone else. IU used to do that but screwed it up last year

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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