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Do you like your team's current uniforms?

Phils Phan

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Maple Leafs: I still don't like the Ballard leaf, but this is the best possible uniform if it's going to be used. So I'm fine with them.

Blue Jays: Almost perfect. They just need to remove the navy outline from the road wordmark.

Raptors: They're fine, but I miss the purple.

Ti-Cats: Perfect.

Chargers: A dumpster fire.

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Giants: Almost perfect. Go back to the 2010 road uniform, and you're set.

Cardinals: Perfect

Red Sox: Perfect

Sharks: Hot mess. The "speedy" lack of a shoulder yoke and hem stripe, the front number, the random orange splotches, and the dependence on the black alt all make for one of the more confused sets in the league.

Warriors: Not amazing, but I still like it for its unique features.

Lakers: Almost perfect.

Niners: Almost perfect, just fix the sleeve stripes and add corresponding sock stripes.

Stanford: Perfect.

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Senators: Yes and no, I don't like the primary sweaters, although I favour the red one vastly over the white one. The alternate is one of the best sweaters the Sens have every worn, too bad it doesn't embody the [new] Senators identity all too well. 4/10

Everton: Loved the kits they wore this season, the crest not so much. I don't think Umbro will come up with something as good as what Nike did last season. 7/10

67's: Classic, I'd say leave the barblepole-esque design to them, but I do like the Sens alternate set a lot. 9/10

I just can't comment on football jerseys for some reason and the rest soccer teams I don't see enough of on TV to comment on (Fury, Viking, HSV)

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Red Sox and Bruins uniforms are great, although I could do without the alts.

Patriots uniform is "meh." Without going for a full overhaul, there are a few things they could tweak that would improve it.

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Steelers: Tweak the numbers by bringing back the block font, and find a way to incorporate the classic striping into the new Nike template. Put the logo on both sides of the helmet too. Other than that, pretty much perfect.

Pirates: Bring back the vests, get rid of the ugly logo on the sleeves, or at least make the bats gold so it "pops" more. Get rid of the alternate in favor of just plan gold lettering on black. Still a classic looking set.

Penguins: Horrible. Bring back the athletic gold at least, preferably with the robo-penguin coming along for the ride.

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Redskins - yes, but they could make some minor stripe changes

Nationals - yes, the curly w logo is fine. The away Washington script looks good

Wizards - yes, removing the stripe from the back helped a lot. The number font could be improved, and the silver outline is dumb. Overall good though.

Capitals - yes, I like the home look, not a huge fan of the road look. But overall I'd give em a passing grade

WVU football - NO (oh god no... [insert Team America vomit scene]) the font is beyond stupid, the gold helmet looks bad and doesn't belong on WVU, the blue jersey looks bad with black sleeves.

WVU basketball - Meh, the same colored letters as the jersey is dumb, but overall the look is tolerable

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Penn State football: Classic. Enough said. 10/10

Flyers: A lot do not like it but I feel it's a modern classic. 9/10

Seahawks: It is their worst uniform in their history but I've warmed up to them. 7/10

Orioles: I like the cartoon bird and the uniforms including the alts are beautiful. 9/10

Phillies: Good look but it is stale. 7/10

Sixers: Too plain. Need an overhaul. 5/10

Chelsea FC: Classic crest and beautiful kits. 9/10

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