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Hey CCSLC'ers,

I suppose the concepts section is the best place to post this, even though it's audio and not design work like most of what gets put up here.

You may be aware that Nebraska uses the song "Sirius" (Alan Parsons Project) as part of their entrance before games. Yes, it's a bit of a dated tune, but Nebraska started using it a few decades ago so it's become tradition. You may recognize it as the theme the the Chicago Bulls used in the Jordan-Pippen era, and from the research I've done, it's a bit inconclusive as to whether NU or the Bulls started using it first.

Anyway, this is my attempt at remixing the tunnel entrance music. Note, I didn't actually remix the underlying "Sirius" tune - it's the Pretty Lights version - but I did compile all the audio clips and leveling to make this a uniquely "Husker" version of the song. This is a semi-ongoing project as I update the version every few years with current audio clips and new playcalls (see: 2013 Hail Mary against Northwestern).

Take a listen and I welcome your feedback. Apologies in advance to fans of Oklahoma, Mizzou and Colorado - your teams are on the receiving end of some of these highlight playcalls. :)


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Coming from a fellow Cornhusker, I think this is an upgrade over their current tunnel walk. My only concern is that it may be a bit to long. you might take out a few plays that weren't as important, or didn't have as much meaning, but I can't think of any non-important plays. In closing, I think this would be even better if it had video clips, but that would be impossible to do. Great job!

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