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looks like my bandwidth has been exceeded for the month!

Use Tinypic or something without that limit.

I'll look into that, thanks!

I use Flickr. There isn't a clean/fast way to get the image URL (you have to get it from the embed HTML provided), but you get a terabyte of space to work with.

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Went ahead & set up an IMGUR account, so here is my latest. The wordmark is nothing to write home about, tried to keep something similar to what the school currently uses but if anyone has suggestions of a possible font that would better suit the logo, please feel free to voice it. Thanks for visiting!



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Thanks for the input, I can see where it tends to give off a mosquito vibe. When compared they do have significant differences which may not have translated over very well. I thought about doing a more 2D version which I drew up & may still do. Boll weevils are actually beetles, so I read. Not sure if they can actually fly but they do have wings. Thanks again!

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I see you've done quite a few birds already, but if you are up for it, I'd love to see a REAL logo put together for the University of North Florida Ospreys ...

Their sports teams have one of the worst modern logos I have ever seen and it pains me....

You know they updated their logos last year, right?


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