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Least used mascots in pro sports


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Like the least used color combos in pro sports thread but for mascots. Also I felt like making this thread because we need some topics other than Redskins topics which has been dominating here lately!

There are a lot of mascots from the weasel family (Mustelidae) in college, ones I can think of on the top of my head is Michigan Wolverines and Wisconsin Badgers but hardly any in pro sports, unless you count the Erie Otters who are in the OHL junior league hockeyAnd uni

Until the New Orleans Pelicans, there are hardly any pelican mascots in pro sports either although they are in LSU and Tulane University's seals and many defunct minor league teams used the mascot. The Ibis who share ancestry with the pelican through the Pelecaniformes taxonomic order are famously used as the Miami Hurricanes mascot.

There are many Magpie mascots (Newcastle United and Collingwood for example) in Europe and Australia but almost non-existent in North America. Peacocks are used as St. Peters mascot and the NBC logo but none in pro sports.

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True story, when I was younger, I thought an Argonaut was a Canadian Astronaut.

This assumption was shared by myself. It confused me even more when I found out that their was a University (In the state I have lived my entire life, none the less) that is also named after Canadian astronauts. Surprisingly enough, UWF was in no way honoring our bloody socialist neighbors space program.

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Isn't that the CFL team in Toronto?

Ah, sorry, I worded it poorly. Argonauts are underused. There's a college somewhere in Florida that's the Argonauts, too.

UCF use to be the Argonauts but the CFL Argonauts are still a pro team.
I believe UCF was the Citronauts, not the Argonauts.

The college I go to, William and Mary, has a pretty unique mascot, the Griffin. Our team names, the Tribe, is also pretty uncommon

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