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NFL Uniform Codes and Violations poster

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Baseball's uniform standards are so lax, and it drives me nuts.

Rules I would institute:

- Jersey must be fully buttoned.

- Cap must fit securely, and be properly oriented.

- Necklaces must remain securely beneath jersey and/or undershirt.

- If used, sunglasses must be worn over the eyes, or not at all. No placing them on the hat.

- Socks must be shown. No long, loose cuffed pants.

- No altering of the jersey, pants or undershirt.

I know long pants are part of modern baseball, but socks are part of the uniform, they should be shown.

What if, say, a cloud passed over and a player doesn't need their sunglasses? It happens. The fact that it covers up the cap logo really isn't a good reason.

Yeah that policy makes no sense. Clouds happen.

The policy makes perfect sense, considering the players exist for the sole purpose of modeling merchandise.

That's why they make flip up glasses. Look at any 80s baseball card and you'll see them in use. Not sure when Oakleys became the style.

Wearing them on the cap not only obstructs the logo (which I don't care about, but I get why MLB does) but presents a minor hazard since they can fly off during a play.

I think the league would like to heavily market their product to that vital 18-49 year old demographic and if players looking dorky in flip-up sunglasses cause those people to think those players are not cool, it might hurt apparel sells more.

There would have to be some ridiculously amazing market research floating around to prove this point.

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These are pre-game so it doesn't count until they're playing generally. Shoes have had to get changed before games. I think the NFL uniform police tell them prior to that they are looking at a fine if they don't fix it

The rules poster says "including during pregame warm-ups." I don't know if the NFL corrects things on the spot or if they just fine people after the fact.

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