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Wolverines Concepts


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As far as I can tell, here is who designed logos for the Hardin County Wolverines:

- City of Walrus/NitroSeed

- Decypher

- Gamecock82

- GMS/Paynomind/Shiznit1083

- HockeyGator

- Mojoto

Thank you to everyone who worked on this. If I missed someone, please post before I leave the office at 5:30 p.m. eastern time today.

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I also wanted to show you a wordmark that I was working on, and never got really satistied with.. but I LOVE the concept...


Paynomind (and GMS and Shiznit1083),

Even though you weren't satisfied with your wordmark, the team fell in love with it.

Your entry has been selected as the new identity package for the Hardin County Wolverines adult semi-pro football team (which is currently rated seventh in the entire country by American Football News).

Take your bow, if you want one, now.

Thank you, and everyone, who spent time and effort on this project.

Can you or Gordie or someone vector your art (primary and wordmark)?

Also, do you want to do a color version of the primary (colors of your choosing)?

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WOW! awesome job JR errr....i mean paynomind.

I really deserve no real credit for this particular mark, i was just there along with shiznit for moral support, critiquing and whatnot (we actually "turned down" this mark to use with the other logo) but im glad he posted it because its the winning design.

Once again, fantastic job payno, if anyone deserves it its definately you! :D

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Wow, again.

I'll expect that you'll get a very short letter from the University of Michigan. Probably a three worder.....Cease and Desist.

This doesn't end here!

MoJo, just shut the fluff up.

Your constant grilling of JR is getting old and i think all of us are sick of it. You should be proud a fellow member is getting recognized, not being the first to criticsize it.

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First off, I must say that JR does deserve all the credit for this. It was his baby.

Second off, Mojoto, I've had enough of your bullschitt. You should be happy a fellow member of your board did something, but instead you have nothing better to do than greet it with pecismism. I hate to turn this into a argumnet thread, but you got it coming. Be happy and stop being such a diq.

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In fairness to paynomind,

The team decided on its helmet design, not paynomind. If Michigan comes down on a not-for-profit semi-pro football team, the university should come down on the team, not the designer.

Or Michigan can come down on the helmet supplier, who knowingly gave the Wolverines that style of helmet.

Paynomind just worked with what he was given, as did everyone else on this project.

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Indeed, a round of stouts on me!


I am very excited, and glad the team found a design that they could "fall in love with." It is awesome to provide someone with something they like, want to use, and associate themselves with on a daily basis.

I have a raft of folks to thank:

First, the awesome folks around here who have supported me, helped me learn Illustrator, and more about logo design itself. I still have a long, long way to go to be considered among the best, but I like to think I get a step closer each day.

Nitro, Joel, Gravito... you guys have helped me through so many basic problems, design fundamentals, and through many bitch sessions. I feel lucky to have you guys on my side.

The other folks who entered - wow, what a group of designs. Just to be considered alongside of you, i feel very flattered. To win against your competition.. well, its more than I deserve.

newsenterprise- thank you for bringing this contest to the boards. We love a good challenge, and this was an exceptional one. Merely the chance to have one's work considered for a sports team is a huge opportunity, and we all thank you for entrusting the duty with us.

The guys I worked with on this project ? Gravito, Greg, you two are awesome designers, and I hope we can team up on something again soon. The first two to congratulate me, the first two to step up for me. I appreciate it, and am glad to have had your support.

Most of all, I want to thank Mr. Chris Creamer for putting this place together. I, along with many of us, spend entirely too much time here during my workday, my weekends, my evenings. The Community (and it truly is that) provides me with entertainment, news, feedback on my work, and some really great friends. I wish I could have each one of my friends here from the board over for a cookout and enough beers to drown a small European country. But, to that end, I want to thank the originator, the one we all have to thank for this wonderful community. Chris, I know it takes a ton of work, time, effort, and money to keep this place going, so? I?d like to give my winnings to you as a small thank you for all of your work. Please use it to pay for hosting, admin time, and as a little something for all of the effort you and your support staff put into this place. I trust you to do with it as you see fit. Just do me a favor and have al least one good American microbrew on me!

Thanks a million everyone! I look forward to seeing the t-shirts!

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Dude stole another artist's rendition.

Excuse me if I sit this one out.

And for those of you that need a primer on trademark infringements, and what it means in the long run.....if you let one grifter get away with it, without an appeal, you'll eventually lose allrights to your identity.

Might as well go the clip art route!

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MoJo, Ive had about enough of you!, Hey talk about stealing image.ok? why don't you talk to delaware university?!?!?! they have the same helmets, you see michigan complaining? NO, so why don't you just drop it, we all know u have this fetish of saying lame stuff about payno, or anyone for that matter, this is no time for you to be jumping all over newsenterprise or even payno..... Stop posting if your just gonna be a diq all the time

and don't be coming back saying its was sarcasm because you know your supposed to be using these :D:mad::P<_< if your being sarcastic

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You stole the University of Michigan personna, Dude!!!!!!!!

I don't care if the quasi-owner of the team is a big fan.

You stole their image, identity and trademark.

That is wrong!

will you please give it a rest, or PM him if you have a problem...we dont want to see this, or any other crap like it here.

its not the type of community that we have here, if you dont know that by now, i can show you to your nearest X or "close window" button on your window. thank you.

on a lighter and friendlier note...congrats, payno, you do great work!

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Never mind the bollocks! Good show, JR! And a hearty huzzah for the Shizman and GMS! :D

Makes me proud to see my older brother from another mother makin' it happen! I want a T-shirt whenever they get printed up. :) Excellent job on the design, and congrats again guys! Now, bring that momentum into the Survivor Series and we'll have a real slobberknocker!

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MoJoTo - First off aren't you the "vector art manipulator" on these boards? Have you posted one damn thing that isn't the culmination of multiple rip-offs?

Secondly, it's pretty clear to me that, even though the subject matter wasn't completely original, PNM's artwork was. The winged football helmet, while most well known by being used by Michigan, is used in many other places. Everyone from the Deleware and Princeton Universities, to about a billion and a half high schools, amateur teams, and little league teams.

I know you like to think of yourself as the great whistle blower of these boards, but it might work a little bit better if you had half an idea of what you were talking about.

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big ups to my boy!!!

btw, you don't need to give me props for anything....the ideas are yours, i just helped with very little of the execution (and none at all on this design).

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