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2014-2024: The next 10 years in sports


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I want you to post logical predictions for your favorite teams over the next 10 years. Doesn't matter which sport. Whether it's championships, relocation, new ballparks or arenas. Could be anything. Also post if you think big events like the Super Bowl, All Star games, Olympic games and the World Cup will come to your hometown or favorite city. Have fun. Dream big or dream small.

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The Maple Leafs will win one Stanley Cup.

Or not e222714-5.gif

Honestly though, it's tough to really gauge. Dynasties can rise and fall via seemingly unrelated events. Who would have thought the LA Kings would become a power house because the Flyers decided to ditch their top forwards to make cap room for a crazy goalie?

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From best to worst for the seven teams I follow:

  • Wisconsin Hockey: Will remain competitive. I'll go two B1G titles and a national title
  • Wisconsin Football: Will remain competitive. I'll go with 4 trips to the B1G title game and one win with a Rose Bowl appearance. No Tourney Appearances.
  • Wisconsin Basketball: 2015 Big Ten Champs and Elite 8. Back down to earth after that including missing the tourney for the first time since the 1990s after Bo Ryan retires.
  • Wild: Perpetual 6-8 seed in the playoffs. Occasional first round win. Say 8 playoff appearances and three series wins.
  • Vikings: a few playoff appearances.
  • Twins: Never above .500.
  • T-Wolves: Won't exist by the end. Worst team in the NBA every year until then (followed, of course, by blowing their #4 pick each year). Contraction or Seattle.

It's going to be rough for Minnesota pro sports fans...

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Steelers: 2 SB appearances. One win, one loss. Polamalu will retire after 2016, Big Ben 2017. 6 playoff appearances.

Falcons: Falcons appear in SB, but lose. 4-7 playoff appearances.

Marlins: 3-5 playoff appearances, 1 LCS berth. Stanton will win an MVP and Fernandez will win a Cy Young.

Pirates: McCutchen will win at least one more MVP. 5-8 playoff appearances. 1-3 WS appearances.

Miami Hurricanes Football: 2-4 ACC Titles. A major resurgence in the old style of Canes' football. Finish in the top 10 for 4-9 seasons.

Miami Hurricanes Basketball: Will make it to the tourney once and lose in the first round.

Miami Hurricanes Baseball: 2 CWS appearances after Jim Morris retires.

Hawks: 4-9 playoff appearances. One trip to EC Finals.

Penguins: Dark ages for the Pens. Crosby will leave and so will Malkin. Letang will stay however, and hopefully reach a HOF status.

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Edmonton will win a Stanley Cup and Grey Cup, the Colts will win a Super Bowl, and the Blue Jays won't make it past the ALCS, and will be banished to the cellar by 2020.

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I guess I'll do my teams tonight, general stuff tomorrow. This part's kinda the tricky one.

Islanders: Finally do good things! A new owner in Brooklyn that's not like the past 3 ownership groups! A playoff series win for the first time since 1993! If they can keep their core intact perhaps even a Eastern Conference championship! Maybe even move back to Nassau when they renovate the Coliseum by surprise so everyone's happy!

Mets: Eventually sometime the Wilpons will sell. I'm not necessarily thinking too much, but I guess a playoff appearance as time goes on.

Jets: It's the NFL. Anything can happen. The Jets can finish 32nd one year in the decade, but also go 13-3 another year.

Syracuse Football: Middle of the ACC Atlantic/Whatever Division is in place as time goes on for all eternity.

Syracuse Basketball: I would like to think they get another national title in the next decade, but it all depends on the Orange not flaming out like they usually do. I'd guess Boeheim goes out on top with a title or Final Four bid, retires, and Mike Hopkins take over and does a decent enough job, with a little bit of a setback at first.

Syracuse Lacrosse: Duke can't win almost every title in the 2010s, right? I'd say probably at least a national title, albeit not as strong of a period as it was in the past with the growth of the sport (I'll touch on this with my other predictions)


Kevin Harvick: Will finally get a Sprint Cup Championship one of these years when Jimmie Johnson has engine problems at Homestead thanks to NASCAR's stupid new Chase system that emphasizes one race instead of an entire season

Nets: I guess once they're out of salary cap hell they'll compete for some East titles, but I'm not sold on an NBA title

Again, it's kinda hard to tell where everyone will be in 10 years in terms of personnel and whatnot, but it is fun to play the guessing game

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1. The Sharks continue to blow in the playoffs, and eventually leave an aging Shark Tank. Then, they win the Stanley Cup their first season outside of San Jose (whether they're in SF, Seattle, Quebec City, or another place).

2. The Giants make more playoff appearances, maybe win a few World Series (each time with wildly different rosters). However, they have championship hangovers each time they do something big. Offense is hot/cold, depending on the year.

3. The Cardinals crush more dreams of other teams, keep producing great clubs, and maybe win a few World Series. Basically, what they've done this decade goes on.

4. The Red Sox remain a top-tier team, make some noise in the playoffs, maybe even win a World Series. However, these big runs will be separated by some cold years. Bill Simmons writes more books about them.

5. The Warriors get their SF arena, and continue their franchise turnaround. Sure, they'll miss the playoffs once in a while, but they'll remain competitive for some time. The "Golden State" name finally gets replaced with "San Francisco".

6. The Lakers get back to the top, Kobe's retirement becomes a nasty enough affair for ESPN to make a 30 for 30 out of it, and they update the primary logo (that last one is a stretch).

7. Stanford wins a few more Rose Bowls, maybe even gets into the playoff for the national championship once in a while.

It's hard to tell with any team, but I'm trying to match trajectories.

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Red Wings: 10 more years of playoffs. Minimum. :boogie:

BGSU hockey: tough to say. Conference re-alignment imminent. Arena is outdated, so there could be plans for a new one by 2024.

BGSU football: will be poised to become the next Boise State or NIU. QB Matt Johnson could finish in Heisman voting, a 4-star is already committed to BG for when Johnson leaves- offense will be one of the best in the nation. Need to beat Indiana this year and at least stay competitive against Wisconsin to convince me we're BCS bound. Will have a great opportunity to beat tO$U in Columbus in 2016. Our stadium is crumbling, so extensive renovations are imminent as well. Exciting times to be a Falcon!

Indy Colts: need to find a running back and receivers before Luck gets a back injury carrying this team, but still a solid team. Will dominate a pathetic AFC South, so will make playoffs at least 7 years. Super Bowl not out of the question.

ChiSox: I don't want to think about the next 10 years. They can't even hit the ball. It's pathetic.

USA Hockey: No excuse for not winning at least silver in next 2 Olympics.

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Virginia Tech Football: A fall to mediocrity is long overdue, Frank Beamer will retire, and our current bowl streak will end.

Redskins: A name change and a few more disappointing playoff appearances. Hopefully new ownership. *fingers crossed*

Wizards: Hopefully an extended stay atop the East for the Wall/Beal duo.

DC United: Hopefully an MLS title run this very year.

Everton: Some solid seasons in the EPL, a solid run in Europa League, and qualify for Champions League.

USMNT: A semi-final appearance in the World Cup. I BELIEVE!!! Also, I'm confident we'll get to host the 2026 World Cup.

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Braves will win a World Series in the next five years. Yankees finally start to develop home grown talent instead of going after aged stars. Spurs will miss the playoffs after Pop, Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan retire. The Redskins change their name, the Politically correct crowd goes after the Indians due to fears that the growing Indian population in Idaho may be offended... Okay that last part is a joke, but the Indians and the Redskind change their names. Padres will reach a World Series, the Giants will not.

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Teams that I will follow:

  • Tampa Bay Rays-If Maddon stays, the Rays will be in the Top 3 of the AL East year in and out. If not, they will be on the bottom of the division.
  • Louisville Football- With Petrino, the Cards will stay competitive in the ACC Atlantic and could win the division 3 times, win the ACC championship twice, and win the National Championship in the playoffs (lightning in a bottle :ninja: ).
  • Louisville Basketball- Win the ACC 4 times and winning 2 National Titles.
  • Indianapolis Colts- Win the AFC and a Super Bowl during the next 10 years.
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Colts win Super Bowls XLIX,50,and LII.

XLIX will be against the Cowboys. Colts win 28-17.

Indiana Pacers become the 2010's basketball dyansty.

Rangers win 2015,2017,2020 Stanley Cups.

US wins World Cup in 2018 and 2022.

Arsenal wins 3 more PL championships.

Austin Dillion wins 2014 Rookie of the Year and wins 2016,2017,2019,2021,2022 NASCAR championships.

Iowa Speedway becomes part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Circut and leaves behind Kentucky.

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Pats become mediocre once brady retires and BB probably isn't too far behind him.

Red Sox will continue to bounce from WS contender to bottom of the AL East until we get a consistently good young roster

Bruins are getting close to the end of their playoff run and need to reload

Celtics are building a young team with lots of talent that needs 2-3 years to mature and develop into a powerhouse in the East

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Tigers- Will remain a World Series contender for the next 7 years plus, hopefully winning one in the next 3 years. This year may be the best window, at least in the AL. The Red Sox are gone, no clear cut contender from the AL East, not much competition from the Central, and we've seemed to have the A's number in October's past. Lots of power in the NL if they get there, though.

Lions- Will continue to ride the wave that fluctuates above and below the mediocrity line. With a top 10 QB and the best WR in the game, they'll sneak into the playoffs for the majority of the next decade, but won't accomplish much.

Pistons- Still trying to patch the massive holes they have. I don't see another title in the next decade, but I do see them rising back to the top of the eastern crop with Andre Drummond- who's still only 20- as the backbone.

Canadiens- The new management seems to be very aggressive in putting together a title team, but I don't see it yet. They'll remain competitive and there may be a cup towards the end of the decade, but some there are still some holes to fill.

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Mississippi State Football- 1 SEC West title

Mississippi State Basketball- Round of 32 in NCAA tournament.

Mississippi State Baseball- 3-4 Omaha appearances. At least 1 National Title, maybe two.

Pittsburgh Steelers- 1 more Super Bowl win with Roethlisberger/Polamalu.

New Orleans Saints- 1 more Super Bowl appearance with Breed, but lose.

Other general predictions-

The SEC eventually expands to 16 teams, adding NC State and one of the Virginia schools.

The Big 12 gets back to 12 teams.

Nick Saban retires at Alabama around 2020 with 2-3 more National Titles.

Super Bowls for the next 5 years-

XLIX- Steelers over Seahawks

L- Broncos over Saints (Manning retires afterwards)

LI- Seahawks over Colts

LII- Seahawks over Browns (Manziel turns out to be a good NFL QB)

LIII- 49ers over Chargers

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Homer predictions:

Pirates) World Series appearance by 2017 (Beating Braves in NLCS), Pirates win 2 World Series by 2024. McCutchen widely regarded as one of the best in the game. Polanco and Marte complete one of the best outfields in baseball.

Steelers) Mediocre with a few playoff appearances and early exits. Ben gets traded late in his career for younger players, rebuilding process begins.

Penguins) Continued underachievement, maybe a Stanley Cup appearance here and there. Crosby gets seriously injured from concussion, career ends early.

Outsider predictions:

Cubs win World Series in 2020.

Boston wins 3-5 more World Series by 2024, becoming the new dynasty.

Oakland Athletics win World Series in 2015.

Salary cap instituted in MLB.

New MLB teams in Las Vegas (Hustlers), Charlotte (Liners), and San Jose (Boomers).

New NFL Dynasty becomes the Ravens.

New NHL Dynasty becomes the Kings with about 3-5 more championships before 2020.

New NHL teams in Seattle and Anchorage (Icebreakers).

I'll be surprised if just one of those become true. Oh, and hi to my future self in 10 years. You've really let yourself go.

EDIT: Next 10 World Series why not)

2014 - Giants over Tigers 4-2

2015 - Athletics over Dodgers 4-3

2016 - Red Sox over Dodgers 4-0

2017 - Red Sox over Pirates 4-1

2018 - Pirates over Twins 4-3

2019 - Pirates over Blue Jays 4-0

2020 - Cubs over Twins 4-3

2021 - Red Sox over Braves 4-3

2022- Red Sox over Cardinals 4-0

2023 - Red Sox over Phillies 4-3

2024 - Rockies over Royals 4-2

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Tampa Bay Bucs: Have a feeling that we could be in for some decent years with Lovie coaching. Not sure about a Super Bowl, but I think a legitmite playoff contender in the next 3 years is most likely.

Tampa Bay Rays: I have a feeling the Rays are going to dwindle and eventually fall back to where the Rays used to always be--- last place in the East. By 2024, the team may not (and probably won't) even be in Florida.

Tampa Bay Lightning: I have a good feeling about this Lightning team and I am kinda glad I hopped back on the teams wagon again (back into hockey in general). Callahan is a stud and I can't wait to see him play more.

Florida State football: The next year or two will be good stuff for my Seminoles. With plans to transfer to FSU after my freshman year at a community college, it'll be exciting to watch what we can do after Jameis leaves.

USMNT: With a strong young team, many people are predicting definitive success from the US team for World Cup 2018 and 2022. But losing studs like Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey next World Cup (at least, it's likely they will leave) will be a huge blow. We've got a lot of young, strong guys who should do well under Jurgens control. Here's to hoping everything pans out. I don't see definitive success, but I do see a chance at it.

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