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2014-2024: The next 10 years in sports


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Predictions for my favourite teams:

Toronto Maple Leafs- I can see them having a very dominate team for about 3-5 years in this decade. I can't see them winning the cup though. It will be kind of like the teams that they had in the late 90's and early 00's and make it to the second or third round every year.

Toronto Blue Jays- They will be good for another 3 years. Clinching a wild card spot in one of those years. After that, it will be a tough few years for them, but I could see them starting to build a good team again and being competitive around the end of the 10 years.

Buffalo Bills- Ugh!

Kitchener Rangers- I can see them winning an OHL championship (maybe even 2), the first one being in 2016. Maybe a Memorial Cup too. I can also see them finally starting to make plans and start construction on a new arena to replace the Aud in about 10 years.

Other predictions:

-The Washington Nationals will win the World Series.

-Montreal will get a MLB team again in the early 2020's.

-The Chicago Cubs will return to the playoffs, but won't make it to the WS.

-Niagara, Saginaw, and Sarnia will finally win an OHL title (and Niagara will become one of the "have" teams in the league with London, Kitchener, and Windsor).

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Kings Dynasty.

UL-L Sunbelt Conference Dynasty.

UL and LSU win a College World Series.

Saints win a Superbowl... with and without Drew Brees.

Pelicans make a deep playoff run.

IceGators win SPHL championship.

Tulane makes a decent run at the AAC title.

Nick Saban gives the NFL another try.

LSU wins a national title in football.

Blue Jays win World Series.

Oilers become good.

Leafs go to a SCF.

Quebec gets an NHL team.

Toronto gets an NFL team.

LA gets an NFL team.

The University of New Orleans gets a new football program.

The high-school I once went to will win the Louisiana State Championship in front of me at the Dome.

UL-L joins a better conference. Maybe the AAC. For some reason I keep thinking that they'll join the Big 12.

Yulman Stadium at Tulane becomes a huge success.

Louisiana has no chance of getting into the Big 12. I agree that the AAC is likely, though. They will probably be Cincinnati or UConn's replacement. I also wouldnt be surprised to see Monroe move to the CUSA.

Yea but for some reason the idea is stuck in my head.

Also that'd be awesome. A UL-Tulane rivalry would tear my family apart.

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Carolina Panthers: 3-6 Playoff appearances; Newton-Benjamin will become a fantastic combo, rest of offense will produce just enough, defense ends up relying on Keuchly in a couple years.

Charlotte Hornets: 5-8 Playoff appearances; Due to a very weak Eastern Conference, making the playoffs won't be as hard as it could. Attendance and popularity will skyrocket, and the team will make it to a Conference Finals. PJ Hariston will also do something so stupid, he will be jailed during the season, but still play after incarceration.

Wake Forest Football: 2-5 Bowl appearances; The first few years of the Dave Clawson era will be a bit tough, but can produce some talent and hope for the future. The highest the team will finish is 2nd in the division and a trip to the Peach Bowl, which they lose to Arkansas.

Wake Forest Basketball: 4-7 NCAA Tournament appearances; See the above for the first years of Danny Manning, but with a bit more firepower to produce wins. In year two, they make it to the NIT, and after that compete for the ACC title.

Toronto Blue Jays: 3-7 playoff appearances: This season so far has shown promise for the future, but the second half tells all. But, they will compete in the World Series.

USMNT: 2 World Cup appearances: In 2018, we will be in a group with South Korea, Switzerland, and Ivory Coast. Then, get into the Quarterfinals against The Netherlands. The 2022 World Cup will not be played in Qatar, and we will make it to the semifinals.

Side Notes: The Cleveland Gladiators become a dynasty, and the people in Cleveland won't care for some reason.

The Los Angeles Jaguars will be owned by Magic Johnson.

Adidas will make a full body three stripe suit, world steps back and says, "enough".

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- Jeff Gordon retires in 2018 due to continuing back problems, replaced by Chase Elliott who replaces Kasey Kahne in 2016.

- Kaaey Kahne is fired by Rick Hendrick after poor performances, replaced by Chase Elliott in 2016. Kahne joins Stewart-Haas Racing

- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Finally wins a title this year... As the most popular driver in NASCAR, retiring in 2020 without a cup championship

- Jimmie Johnson wins two more titles, becoming the first driver to reach 8 titles and retires in 2022

- Danica Patrick wins the Coke Zero 400 in 2017, her first career win in NASCAR

- Dylan Kwaznewski, Darrel 'Bubba' Wallace Jr., Ryan Reed, Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Austin and Ty Dillon are all championship worthy by 2024

- Mike Helton steps down as one of sport's greatest presidents/commissioners ever, giving the opportunity for a former driver to take the seat

- Brian France steps down after 2018

- Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer, Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski, and Carl Edwards all win championships

- Dale Earnhardt Jr will probably win one title as well

- the term 'Bust' is applied to many drivers who fell short of expectations. Ryan Newman, Martin Truex Jr, Greg Biffle, Trevor Bayne, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and Elliott Sadler all receive these titles by fans and media.

- A mid-level talent driver leaves us way too soon

- Morgan Shepherd passes away along with Ken Schrader and Sterling Marlin.

- NASCAR cracks down on concussions, creating a better plan than the NFL and forms and alliance with them to prevent concussions

- Tony Stewart loses a leg/loses his ability to walk in another dirt car wreck, forced to retire. Kasey Kahne replaces him

- Kyle Busch, struggling with Joe Gibbs Racing, moves his Xfinity series (now Nationwide series) team - reformed in 2019 - up to Cup level in 2022 and drives the #54 Monster Energy Toyota after conflicts rise between him and teammates Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, and Denny Hamlin

- Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, Greg Biffle, Michael Waltrip, Joe Nemechek, Marcos Ambrose, the Labonte Brothers, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, and Jamie McMurray all retire by 2024

- NASCAR joins the ranks of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS as North America's Top sports

All that done from mobile ;)

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Some other fun predictions in general:

-US gets the 2026 World Cup to the surprise of no one

-Oslo gets the 2022 Winter Olympics to avoid three Asian Olympics in a row. Not really sure where to go with the 2024 or 2026 decisions, though. Maybe 2024 in Europe (perhaps Paris) and 2026 in the US (like eastern California/western Nevada, Denver, or Lake Placid). They'll also add skateboarding events to the summer program.

-Long-term TV packages go back to some shorter terms, with Internet rights becoming more of the big bone to grab. I mean, in 2024 the NFL, NASCAR, and NCAA rights will still be in place, as will the Olympics. However, the big one on the horizon's the NBA rights. I'd say ESPN and TNT stick around, FS1 gets a big coup, and in another move of moving big properties to cable, the NBA Finals move to a rotation of ESPN and TNT.

-College sports stabilizes quite a bit. Maybe a few moves between conferences here and there, but nothing like what we've just seen. There will be a move towards football and men's basketball compensation and larger stipends for non-revenues once the lawsuit stuff is finished. Also with the large TV contracts and revenues coming in, schools venture into new sports, with lacrosse becoming the biggest beneficiary and sports like hockey and soccer getting a boost as well.

-NASCAR changes the points system and/or Chase at least thrice. MAYBE THEY'LL PUT A ROAD COURSE IN THE CHASE BY 2022!!1!

-Can't forsee much in terms of moves or expansions. Maybe one NBA team moves, the Raiders ditch Oakland to return to LA, the A's do a sorta move to San Jose after much bickering, and the Rays relocate somewhere that's not Montreal. Only league I can see taking a stab at expansion's the NHL, with Seattle and Salt Lake City receiving teams. Coyotes move to Quebec and everybody's happy.

-Throwing out some big name event venue choices out there:

MLB All-Star Game:

2015- Cincy

2016- Baltimore

2017- Washington

2018- Arlington

2019- Miami

2020- San Jose

2021- Chicago

2022- Wherever the Rays go

2023- Los Angeles

Super Bowl: Eh, whoever builds shiny new stadiums, I suppose

NHL Winter Classic/All-Star Game/(Heritage Classic)

2015- Washington/#LUMBUS

2016- Minneapolis/Nashville (Winnipeg)

2017- Toronto/Toronto (Montreal)

2018- Pittsburgh or State College/None

2019- Denver/Newark (Ottawa)

2020- Boston/Edmonton

2021- Buffalo/Brooklyn (Edmonton)

and I'm out of ideas

-The Cubs don't win a World Series

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The Bills will continue to be three years behind trends.

The Sabres will become the San Jose Sharks of the next ten years: not really hated by many, very talented, and underperforming in the playoffs.

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The Leafs will accomplish nothing substantial. Some good playoff runs and some memorable moments, but they won't make it past the final four. Kessel and Rielly will be the only surviving players from 2014, and Kessel will be ready to go through a Sundin Saga. Then, a new rebuild begins, and the team does what it should've done in 2008, lauing the foundation for a Cup championship in the early 2030s (is it sad that I'm essentially writing off the next 20 years?).

The Blue Jays will win an AL pennant.

The Argos will win back-to-back Grey Cups in the new 10-team CFL.

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Philadelphia Eagles- by 2024 will have a Super Bowl win. Will be a good contender in 2016. Chip Kelly statue on top of city hall instead of William Penn.

Philadelphia Phillies - will be miserably mediocre once they finally realize they need to rebuild. By 2017 anyone that was remaining from the 08 World Series team will be gone. Will be garbage pretty much till 2019. Then will return to above average baseball and possibly be atop the NL East.

Philadelphia Flyers- will be average/mediocre for the next 3 years as they wait for the core group of young defenseman to mature. Will be a good contender and will break Stanley Cup drought by 2024.

Philadelphia 76ers - will still be the laughing stock of the NBA for the next 2 years. 2 more lottery picks. By 2018 will be a powerhouse in the east completing the long term rebuild.

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Philadelphia Eagles- by 2024 will have a Super Bowl win. Will be a good contender in 2016. Chip Kelly statue on top of city hall instead of William Penn

And while they're at it, they'll rename Pennsylvania "Kellysylvania".

Seriously, have you been smoking those funny cigarettes?

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Philadelphia Eagles- by 2024 will have a Super Bowl win. Will be a good contender in 2016. Chip Kelly statue on top of city hall instead of William Penn

And while they're at it, they'll rename Pennsylvania "Kellysylvania".

Seriously, have you been smoking those funny cigarettes?

Oh totally. That's all I do when I'm taking time off from throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. I wasn't actually serious about the statue. I meant it more as if Chip Kelly brings Philadelphia a Super Bowl they might as well do that because he will become historic here

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That's a really cool topic ! I'm gonna stick with soccer since I don't know much about american sports, but I'll give MLS a try, as well a sthe World Cup.

MLS: New York City FC will probably dominate and win a couple of seasons in a row. Maybe not at first, but in 2 to 3 years, this team's gonna be massive. Having Lampard, Villa and Xavi on your side for your first season ever really means that it's gonna be even bigger when the club grows. I guess monsters like Ibrahimovic or Ronaldo could end up here in in a couple of years (I'd say Ibra in 2016, and Ronaldo around 2019).

World Cup 2018:

Now, I'd say there are three major favorites for this one: Spain, Belgium and Germany. It's gonna be in Europe and history has taught us that European teams are always a level above everyone else when a WC is hosted in the old continent.

Belgium has a very young side in 2014, full of potential future superstars that would take long to cite one by one. They manage to reach the quarter final this year with a non-experienced team, and the European Championship 2016's gonna help them grow. Players like Hazard, Fellaini, or even Januzaj (19 yo, plays in Manchester United, OK boy I was struggling with exams at your age) would probably be the top stars at this period.

Germany, well, it's Germany. Never did my grand father or my father see a bad German team, they are always there. And looking at the young players that they have, if guys like Götze (aka the next big thing according to every football videogame lately), Reus, Bender confirm their status, Germany will be a huge side, as always.

Spain, now some of you may have witnessed the holding world champion get humiliated by the Netherlands and beaten by Chile this year, thus eliminating them in the first round. But that was just about circumstances. The spanish league waited until the very last game to crown a champion, and three spanish clubs reached the European finals, 3 weeks before the beginning of the WC. Most players were dead physically, and needed to have some rest. And just to give you the picture on how much Spain dominated world football these past years: even their youth sides won it all, from u17 to u21. Spain is still alive, and will be there in 4 years.

World Cup 2022:

Really hard to predict 8 years in the future. But by just looking at youth sides and youth competitions, I guess I'll say that Colombia, Uruguay and France could be major in Qatar 2022. Alongside the usual Spain, Brazil and Germany.

But then again, Qatar is known for huge temperature (as if you host a WC in August in Arizona, even slightly warmer) and it will be a major issue. We could guess it could play in favor of South-Americans and Africans, but it's just not an exact science.

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4/2/2017, President Clinton botches the first pitch at Nationals home opener against the Winnipeg Rays, and the headline in the Post is "President Throws Like a Girl".

Not to be rude, but why move the Rays to Winnipeg? I highly doubt they can support a MLB team in the first place.

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Washington Redskins: As much as I hate to say this... An eventual name change by 2018. A Superbowl win between 2017-2022, along with that, never hold number 1 seed in playoffs, but pull off upsets.

Washington Wizards: 3 NBA Championship appearances (2 championships). John Wall wins the MVP twice.

Baltimore Orioles: 2 World Series appearances (1 win 1 loss). Produce average of 4 all stars each year. Reach 90+ wins twice.

Maryland Football: Surprise B1G and win the East at least 4 times. Ranked in top 25 6 out of 10 seasons (5 of those seasons in top 20, 3 in top 15, 2 in top 10, 1 in top 5). Fall short of a National Championship.

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NBA finals:

2015:Pacers def Clippers 4-1

2016: Cavs def Warriors 4-1

2017:Clippers def Nets 4-2

2018:Cavs def Pelicans 4-1

2019:Cavs def Warriors 4-3

2020 Pacers def Houston 4-1

2021: Pacers def Lakers 4-3

2022 Cavs def Thunder 4-3

2023:Bulls def Thunder 4-1

2024:Cavs def Lakers 4-3*

*Lebron James retires after the Finals

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