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Charles Collars Cleveland Cavaliers Concepts


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These are pretty bad. Too much going on. The side stripes on one side and not the other make this look completely unbalanced, not to mention they're totally random. No need to change the team colors, especially to orange and brown in Cleveland. Just a total lack of creativity and rip off of the Brownies. The logos are interesting, though, but they're too small for me to really judge them.

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Why would you post them if you didn't even make them? And they are awful in all aspects.

Because as a fellow jersey art connoisseur I believe every concept deserve the right to fair or unfair criticism. Some of the best concepts are never shown public.

Yea these arent the best but definitely not the worst either. A few tweaks here or there.These could be nice. I'm sure someone will get an idea from this template and post their own concept. Good or bad.

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Posted from the Cleveland Cavaliers thread..Dont know who this is but someone provided a link to this concepts. Simply posting this.










Way too much going on here. Imagine a court of players running around wearing these it would be a blur. A C with a sword, a ball going though a hoop and net on the jersey and on both shorts. Way too much stuff. That said very nice highly detailed renderings. Us of Cleveland Brown colors hilarious but might be a bad omen.

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