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Balkan Soccer Concepts - 4/8 Kosovo


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Well I haven't started a topic in a while and felt that I could probably be up to do a series now. I mean its only 8 concepts? This is also the reason that I didn't post by Bosnia CCWC concept before to get C&C on it. The time between concepts will probably vary based on how far I get in the HJC Open just because I'll need everything I have to win that, haha.

Anyway I'll be doing the national teams of the following countries









The times I post these will also vary since I already have three finished so I can present them anytime.



This was my entry into the CCWC. Now if you look at the entry on that page and the one here you can see that I made a few changes, specifically the number font, and the pants stripe, two things that I realized I hated after sending the concept in. The number font no longer carries the drop shadow and the pants stripe is more classic, which fits in with the kits. Also to be more accurate I added the Nike triangle insert in the collar of the shirts. Everything else is the same.

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Looks really nice, I'm kinda surprised there is no Greece. I love the design on the yellow kit.

Thanks, the reason I didn't do Greece was one, that is a good country (like Croatia [which is gonna be hard for me to come up with a good look for...]) in terms of uniforms, and two I wanted keep it for in the Slavic Balkans rather than including Greece, Turkey, ect...

nice job and you're lucky you got a good team to work with. I had Ivory Coast

Thanks again. I don't think that the Ivory Coast was that hard. I mean its a team with colors that you could work with easily and a nice logo/mascot to base it off of. Besides Bosnia wasn't easy either. It still doesn't have a good logo, and the templated Adidas uniforms they were given were pretty bad too. I personally think the Ivory Coast would have been easier, but thats my opinion.

Serbia will be next.

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I really like that, but I would change the shorts stripes. On the blue kit, you have a fairy simple stripe on jersey, and that should be carried over to the shorts (in my opinion). On the yellow kit, I would probably take a line out of the shirt design, and use that. The classic stripe doesn't look right to me when both shirts have designs with stripes.

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Ok... Serbia


The home is based off what they currently wear, which based of the cross from the crest. I decided to add a slavic/mediterranean pattern, since I thought it would add to the concept's uniqueness. I decided to do the clash off their flag. As you can tell I decided to make the flag's two stripes very prominent in the kit, its a chest stripe, on the side panels that would continue onto the shorts, and is on the socks. I also decided to update the crest (like I will do with most of the crests) and thats about it. Comment away!

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Ok... If that's all the comments on Serbia I guess I'll move down the list to Albania.


For Albania, I thought a primarily black and red kit would work, (I had to add white for the numbers and Puma logos) since the flag is all red and black. The clash kit is monochrome white, but I could see the black shorts being interchangable. Aside from the sash on the home these are pretty generic Puma uniforms, and would be what the team probably would get (if they were a Puma team, they are currently sponsored by Adidas). I also updated the logo, which is pretty outdated, and generic now. (For all who didn't figure it out, Shqipëri means Albania in Albanian).

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Jake, nice job on taking on the Balkan footballing nations in a concept series:

Bosnia-Herzegovina - This concept was one of my favorites as well from the CCWC. The use of the sublimated stripes on the home kit plus the redesigning of the FA crest was what got me.

Serbia - I like what you have done with Serbia's home kit, incorporating a Mediterranean pattern. That was a nice touch to distinguish it from others. Plus going with the national flag colors for the clash kit is a good choice.

Albania - I like how you went with Puma instead of using the current Adidas kits. I think Albania looks better with Puma, it fits their national colors better. I agree that the Albanian FA crest was a little outdated and that's a nice start for a new crest. I have quite a few Albania friends and they have always said that Federata Shqiptare e Futbollit (FSHF) always needed an update. Nice job on it, it's simple but perfect.

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Ok, I've kinda tapered off this project, with the Icethetics IceHL redesigns and the HJC Open out of the way, well for now, I guess I should start the soccer concepts up again, so here's Kosovo.


As per FIFA's ruling the FFK can not use any symbols or flags representing Kosovo. To be honest, I completely disregarded this in the concept, since I think that eventually they will be let into UEFA (as it says on the concept) and into FIFA. So the stars on the crest are from the flag and obviously the outline of the country is apparently a symbol.

The kits are white and black to avoid similarities to Bosnia (see above). The designs are kinda what you'd expect from Adidas so I went with it.

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I am really digging the Kosovo clash kit. I could actually see Adidas creating something like that for a national side like Kosovo. If you don't believe me, check out Chelsea's third kit for the 2014/15 season. Nice job on it.

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