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CFL uniforms: an observation

BJ Sands

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Here is a teaser for the Stamps uniform. They call it the "Outlaw". They just tweeted this 20 minutes ago.

Calgary Stampeders @calstampeders 21m

The "Outlaw" arrives 8:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 29 at the @Stampsstore #SignatureLook #calstampeders #CFL #YYC pic.twitter.com/mshjk3wqpm


Also here is a picture schedule of the rest of the game day unveilings:


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TSN just said the Ottawa helmets not being used because it wasn't the look that they wanted. Whatever that means.

I read on Twitter the RedBlacks had an issue with the red colour used. Their official account tweeted out they'll have the plaid helmets the next time they wear the uniforms.

The Eskimos released a video of QB Mike Reilly's reaction to seeing their Signature Uniform. Seems like restrained criticism.


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I'm gonna throw it out there - Eskimos' helmet might look like an igloo, in the similar wrap that Virginia Tech used for Hokie stone helmets. Probably matched with a jersey with a big logo on front and number on left chest. Igloo pattern on the sleeves.


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Ottawa actually looks okay. Ditch the OTTAWA on the pants and make the front of the jersey normal, and you've got yourself a sweet uni. I'd be happy with a black and a white version of these.

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Hamilton released their signature uniforms today.

It's a weird combo of a dark grey, black and, yellow. The helmet seems to be the big feature with a flat black stripe and a re-coloured version of the logo on one side and numbers on the other. Looks like someone just randomly re-coloured certain parts of the logo using paint if you ask me.



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