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White sox changes


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First of all, I'd just like to point out that this is my hundredth post! Yay for me!:D Anyway, I knew that with management selling out and Comiskey Park becoming *gulp* U.S. Cellular Field :angry:, the Comiskey Park patches on the Sox' home jerseys would disappear. But I figured they'd at least replace it with something else, like the road and alternate diamond logo. But no, there's nothing!!! That sucks. Why wouldn't they just put the diamond patch on their; it's a great logo. This just marks another bad move in baseball unis this year (and last year too for that matter). Let's recap:

-Indians go to silver, screw up one of the nicest unis in the league, and create the most God-aweful alternate ever.

-Diamondbacks ditch purple alternates, patches on vest t-shirts. Why?

-Royals go to black-'nuf said.

-Marlins all but ditch teal, making everything black and looking even more like the White Sox. :angry:

And let's not even discuss spring training...

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more historically bad moves:

Cubs light blue roads w/white pinstripes: no team should EVER wear white pinstripes, IMO

Phillies Saturday Night Specials: would have worked if not for the pants.

Mets adding black: WHY???

Fish all but dumping teal: yawn

Astros current crap: again, WHY???

Indians adding # to front of sleeveless jerseys: what the hell were they thinking?  for some reason i think this looks stupid.


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