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Totally Fake (But Still Awesome) NFL Logos


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A little while ago, (And I cannot for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon this website) designers with way too much time on their hands started a website (footballasfootball.com) where they redesigned all NFL logos to imitate European soccer logos. Each NFL team has one English logo, one German logo, one Italian logo and one Spanish logo. Some turned out amazing, and some turned out hideous. This topic is an analysis of their redesigns.

I was going to include the images of my top 20 logos, but they have a file extension not supported by the forums, so if you want to see them, go to http://www.footballasfootball.com.

Best Teams

This will just be a brief review of the set as a whole. I go more in-depth on single logo reviews.

Honorable Mentions


The Lions logos were ones that I originally didn't like at all. It's hard to make an eye-catching logo when your color selections are limited to blue and white, and they seemed really boring - at first. However, the longer I stared at the logos, (And the German logo in particular) the more I liked them. There might not be a lot going on, but sometimes simple is better. The Italian logo is the only one that kept this set from breaking into the top five.

New Orleans

Another team set with one logo keeping the set from being a top five, the fleur-de-lis makes six appearances between the four. The Spanish logo is slightly too geometric to be good looking, in spite of the fact that it is heavily based off of the Granada logo.

St. Louis

The German logo made me dizzy. Incorporated just a bit too much of the spiral theme that the other logos used subtly. The other three are solid.

Fifth Place (Tie)


I couldn't choose between the two. It just felt wrong giving either of these team sets honorable mention. On the one hand, we have Washington and its controversial name, which the designers managed to handle tastefully in all four logos. Even the German logo ended up representing the team well. In all four, you can tell which team has the logo.

For Miami, the Dolphin theme is apparent. The Italian logo has a particularly unique touch in adding the three waves at the bottom. The English loses points for no dolphin, but makes up for it by replicating Stoke City.

Fourth Place

San Diego

This set is very similar to Miami in terms of incorporating a theme into its logos, but gets fourth place above Miami for being the best team representation of mimicking other teams' logos. Three of the team set mimic Hellas Verona, Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund. (I'm pretty sure the English one mimics a logo as well. I just can't place which.) As cool as that is, I would have preferred the German logo mimicking a different logo. The Borussia Dortmund logo in itself is pretty boring.

Third Place


There are two things you can expect in anything related to the Titans - swords and stars. Not really a lot to say about these, except that this set really uses the team colors well.

Second Place


This set is a little weird, as none of the logos made it into my top 20. However, even though none of them are anything spectacular, I couldn't find a single thing wrong with any of them. The outlined buffalo in the German logo is oddly appealing and the English logo mimics my favorite EPL team. (Tottenham) A group of solid logos that would have gotten the top spot, had it not been for one other team...

First Place


Full disclosure: All of these logos made it into my top 20. What does this set do right? There are so many references to the state of Arizona between the four. Every one of the logos is unique.

Worst Teams

Fifth Worst


Similar to what happened with the San Diego German logo, the Italian logo for Cleveland decided to mimic a boring logo in Napoli, but UNLIKE San Diego, the set has no other good designs to fall back on. The only thing keeping this set from being lower is the bulldog in the English logo, which redeems the set some, since the bulldog is a secondary mascot for the Browns.

Fourth Worst

New York Giants

Not a lot to say here. They aren't bad logos by any stretch of the imagination, but they also aren't eye-catching, which is what a logo needs to be.

Third Worst


Take what I just said about the Giants logos and throw in the Texas flag into all four. That's really all these four logos have is the Texas flag. Another set of "not bad but boring."

Second Worst


Yikes. Somehow, the Denver logos manage to use a different shade of blue in each, with none of them really syncing up with the orange. (The Spanish being the worst offender.) The two logos with the founding year also show different years for some strange reason.



I honestly cannot express why I loathe these logos so much. Most likely, it's the checkered pattern that "graces" three of the logos. That pattern just feels forced into the logo. The inclusion of the castles is also baffling. If someone could explain why these two things appear here, I might not hate them as much, but for now, this is the worst set in my opinion.

Worst Individual


Jacksonville German

This logo makes it kind of hard to tell what team it's for. The outside lettering redeems it slightly.


San Francisco German

I can see what they were trying to do with the numbers in the middle, but it ends up being more of a mess than a cool design style.


Pittsburgh English

As I explained in my team set explanation, I simply do not understand the inclusion of the checkered pattern nor the castle. They're called the Steelers and they should have kept the design to something steel related.


Denver Spanish

That is either the wrong shade of orange or the wrong shade of blue. Either way, it clashes horribly.


Kansas City German

This is an atrocity to my #1 football team. I have never really been a fan of German logos in general, but this is just WAY too geometric, not to mention that the K gets lost in the excess of lines.

Best Individual

Honorable Mentions (In No Particular Order)

Atlanta Spanish: What a great mimicking of Osasuna.

San Diego Italian: Another great mimicking - this one of Hellas Verona.

Green Bay Italian: A non-oval Italian logo is refreshing, since they all seem to be ovals. Very clean.

Cincinnati German: Most fitting/accurate mimic out of any.

Oakland German: The oak leaf is a particularly nice touch.

Arizona German: That cardinal looks so cool. Barely missed out on the top 10.

Miami German: Good use of colors, and the dolphins are eye-catching.

Washington English: Headdress and DC flag (Albeit turned vertical.)

Philadelphia English: Don't know why I like this... it's probably the eagles.

Detroit English: Heraldic lion looks amazing. Just enough going on to keep it from being boring.

Top 10

Now we're down to the nitty gritty. I had a terribly hard time ranking these logos.


Miami Italian

This logo is one of the more unique logos on this list. The only other logo I can remember off of the top of my head incorporating the team's theme above the logo is the San Diego Spanish one. This one gets extra props for the wave pattern at the bottom. It may not look like something an actual soccer logo would have, which keeps it at number ten, but its uniqueness got it into the top ten.


St. Louis Spanish

The similarities to Real Betis are striking, but it's amazing how a logo can be taken and made into a completely new identity for a different team. The subtle use of the spiral for the ram horn in the center, plus the fantastic color choices and drop shadow make this an exceptional logo - and they only get better from here on out.


Arizona Italian

I cannot believe I'm ranking this one only at number eight, as this one was one of my very favorites as the logos were still being designed. Not only does it have AZ and the cardinal beak, but if you turn your head to the right and look at it sideways, the AZ now looks like the eyes on the cardinal's head. Proves that there's more to logos than meets the eye.


Detroit German (Top German Logo)

Another excellent use of the heraldic lion, and it keeps my attention better than any other German logo. Just because you only have two colors to work with doesn't mean you can't make your logo unique and appealing.


Tampa Bay Spanish

SO much going on in this logo. First, there's the cutlasses. Similar to the Raiders German logo, cutlasses are a major pirate tool. The skull is another good pirate themed touch.You can see the waves in the black part of the banner, and the banner is tattered like a pirate flag would be. The part that makes this logo truly fantastic, though, is the upside-down crown, which symbolizes anarchy and a rebellion against authority, something pirates had down pat. Along with the colors, this logo encapsulates everything the Buccaneers represent.


Tennessee Spanish

A rough mimic of Celta Vigo, this logo has two T's inside the shield, (For Tennessee Titans) with the three stars for the Tennessee flag. A minimalist logo that does everything right.


Arizona English

When making a logo, it should relate to the location of the team that owns it. This logo is the perfect example of how good it can make a logo when you do. Of course, there's a cardinal, but in the background, you can see the rays of the sun that appear on the state flag (Along with the star at the top) and the flames curling along the side of the logo reference both how insanely hot it is in Arizona and also could be the flames of the phoenix, after which the city of Phoenix was named. So much symbolism.


New Orleans Italian (Best Italian Logo)

I can't say much about this logo, except that it is the cleanest logo on the site, as well as the logo most likely (From this list anyway) to be a real soccer logo.


Minnesota English (Best English Logo)

As much symbolism as the Tampa Bay Spanish and Arizona English logos had, this one has more. On the left, you have the oars for a ship. The sea was vital to life as a Norseman, as most of their livelihood derived from fishing. (Just take a look at Iceland's currency.) On the right are a sword and an axe, which the Norse used to conquer much of Scandinavia. On top is a Viking helmet looking westward, towards America.(Which is my favorite part of the logo.) In the middle is a door closely tied to Norse mythology (Though I can't remember how.)

And then there was #1

Arizona Spanish (Best Overall Best Spanish Logo)

I said earlier that the New Orleans Italian logo is the one most likely to be an actual soccer logo, but this one certainly comes in a close second. Loosely based off of Real Valladollid, the right side of the shield looks like the wings of a cardinal. The cleanest logo by far, there's just enough going on to keep my attention without overwhelming me. I can tell what team this is supposed to be, and the logo is full of variety. There's nothing more I ask for in a logo.

So what are your guys' thoughts about these logos? What would you change about some of them and which ones were your favorites?

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The Pittsburgh coat of arms is why the checkers and castle are included. I actually really like the way they look, because the incorporation of the city CoA makes it more unique and look like an actual soccer crest.

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