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Seattle Emeralds NBA expansion concept


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Much better, but there's still room for improvement. The logos are still a little inconsistent. On the primary, make the "Seattle" and stripes yellow, and on the secondary make the trim on the basketball dark green to match the primary. For the alternate, the drop shadow is okay if that's what you want, but think about using the font used for the wordmarks. You could still alter it some to make the shapes fit, but it would work much better with the rest of the set IMO. For the uniforms, I agree with wonderbread. Make the light green a yoke on both uniforms (like the Wizards current unis), then make the wordmark and numbers on the home dark green.

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Excellent concept and presentation...nice work!

A suggestion for the primary logo:

I would change the 'EMERALDS' portion of the logo to white to give it more emphasis within the logo as a whole. Right now, SEATTLE jumps out at me and EMERALDS gets a bit lost in the background because it's green. If having both words in white is too much, I would consider changing SEATTLE to the off-color. Also, for EMERALDS, I would add the same arc that you did for the revised wordmarks to keep it consistent (plus it would improve the logo, IMO).

Love the use of the various marketing mediums. Great job.

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