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2014 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos


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I'd like to see the Bills don our royal blue pants.

We wore our old all-white monstrosities the last visit to Oakland in 2005 and lost 38-17, not to mention we haven't beaten the Raiders in Oakland (31-10) since 1966 with Jack Kemp as our QB and Tom Flores QB for the Raiders. (we did beat 'em in LA, but not Oakland during all this time)

Would love to see Buffalo in our throwbacks since we've only worn 'em once this season, just like we did on that 24th-NOV-1966 ...

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The Bills who are seeking their first win against the Raiders in Oakland since November 1966 will be in white jerseys and blue pants, not white-on-white Mr Canzman, and that's official. Tweeted from 'Bills Equipment'.

They should have selected the white-on-white throwbacks with the grazing Bison logo, that's what was worn 48 years ago. Why they don't research these things is unexplainable. Oh well, love the white with blue pants, just not the socks with royal blue on top.




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Saints all black (again) Why can't they wear gold pants with the black jersey? When is the last time they wore black on gold against ATL?

According to the GUD, the last time they wore black/gold against Atlanta was week 7 of the 2007 season. They haven't worn black/gold against ATL since - with 6 opportunities.

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All I want for Christmas is for the Dolphins to wear aqua jerseys and white pants against the pond scum Jets in all-white next week.

Just ONCE. And WIN the game.

This is the equivalent of asking for a Porsche under the tree, I realize that. LOL. :angered:

You are more likely to get a Porsche lol. Sad but true. Same goes for them wearing aqua pants on the road like they used to do.

Good to see that Seattle seems to be wearing navy pants with the white jerseys on a regular basis now.

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Arizona needs new unis. Badly.

Seattle looks good, though.

pscf3, thought you might be interested to know that yours truly delivered a Christmas card the other day hand-addressed from Ron Polk himself to someone on my mail route. ;)

Not sure how many other Ron Polks there may be in Starkville, Miss. so I suppose it had to be THAT one.

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No black pants this year for the Panthers?

What a joke. Maybe Steve Smith took them with him when he left town.

The entire NFC South has made some really odd uniform decisions recently. It could be argued that the best looks for each team are the following:

Panthers- The black pants (should be worn with either the black or the white jerseys). Weren't worn at all in 2014.

Saints- Black jerseys/gold pants (I think they were worn twice or maybe 3 times counting preseason).

Falcons- Black jerseys/white pants (the original home look when the Falcons did their rebrand a decade ago). I don't mind the red home uniform, but just liked the black better. And red pants should be a part of the set, since they have red numbers on the white jerseys. White jerseys/red pants/black socks. Good color balance.

Bucs- Red jerseys and white pants. I believe worn 1 time this year. The new pewter is darker and just doesn't look as good with the red jerseys as the previous set. The Bucs should wear white pants more often with the red jerseys.

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Remember any combos posted prior to game or posted prior to an announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed.

Regular Season Week 17 (Part 1)

Panthers @ Falcons
Browns @ Ravens
Cowboys @ Redskins
Colts @ Titans
Lions @ Packers

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