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Cleveland Browns Helmet


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I think we're sensitive because we scored a minor victory (the winning precedent previously referenced) by keeping the name, colors, history, and at least officially, the franchise. I don't think it's cool when people to continually try to argue that even that shouldn't count and is some kind of joke.

We deal with the fact that the Ravens won 2 Super Bowls and enjoyed the decade+ that could have been the Browns'. Maybe the critics should deal with the fact that the new Browns are officially the same franchise as the old Browns.

Indeed. Well put.

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Leave the HELMET ALONE!!!!!! The uniforms are going to be new. As a lifetime fan of the Browns, I like the present day uniforms, but can't stand the brown pants! I hope nike doesn't make the Browns look like Jacksonville. The helmet is iconic of all the NFL helmets. The no logo is Great. And please don't do what they did to Ohio State helmet. The Buckeyes should have left it alone. But that is College Football and nike. I like Buckeyes helmet were they can put more smaller buckeye leafs on it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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