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Favorite Flag?


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I personally love Nepal's flag just because it isn't a rectangle. (Could someone post a picture of it please, it's kind of hard to do that on mobile)

Nepal is the only flag in the world that is not square or retanglular. It is comprised of one small and one big triangle.
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The problem I have with the Arizona flag is that the star can sometimes get hidden with the sun rays, plus the fact that the star and sun rays don't line up perfectly which drives me nuts. That aside, it's a really nice flag.

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My favorites are the ones that are used in clothing and company logos

Tennessee the tri-star is seen everywhere including all sports logos and many local companies.

maryland the patterns look great when used well

UK the union jack is so adaptaple and the design makes so much sense yet its simplicity is outstanding

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Let's be a bit of a 'homer' and put up my city's flag as one of my favourites:



From the city's site:

"In 1972, Mayor S. Laskin wished to promote the City of Thunder Bay by having a distinctive City flag. A small committee was formed and an invitation went out in the form of a contest for submission of a flag design. The winning design was submitted by Mr. Cliff Redden, a local citizen.

The flag is of standard size - one unit in width/two units in length. The design forms a golden sky from a sun behind the green Sleeping Giant, sitting in the blue waters of Lake Superior. The red maple leaf is the signification of Canada. The green and gold also represent the City's colours."

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South Africa!


The Y represents the unification of the country after the Apartheid.
Three of the colours – black, green and yellow – are found in the banner of the African National Congress. The other three – red, white and blue – are displayed on the old Transvaal vierkleur (which also includes green), the Dutch tricolour and the modern flag of the United Kingdom.

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Confederate States of America - regardless of the ideals it represented or how it is associated today, this is just a damn cool design.


Wyoming - just a beautiful design. great mix of bold, organic and geometric shapes, great color, and a good looking seal. doesnt get any better for me


Texas/Chile - i like the Texas version a bit more because there is more blue, but Chile gets an honorable mention


UK - this design just makes a really bold statement and has a great balance of color.


Jolly Roger - there is no flag more badass than this.

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This thread's right up my wheelhouse. Flags have just been my thing for as long as I could remember. I've had all the countries down for a good while, but I never paid too much attention to anything other than that. There are a few that I know of that look really sharp.

Mesa, Arizona.


Tokyo, Japan


I've always had a soft spot for the Scandinavian Cross, used by the 5 countries there. But it's the Faroe Islands flag that I like best, owned by Denmark IIRC.


And I think I'll just leave ya with Provo, Utah...


EDIT: BTW Sporcle flag quiz is here:. My best is 10mins flat, but that's because I can't type to save my life :P

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