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Favorite Flag?


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US States:

I like Alaska and Arizona, but my favorite is New Mexico:


Not much jumps out at me. I like Canada and Norway, but I went with a basic...

US Cities:

I had NO IDEA so many cities had flags; 10 Minnesota cities including my city of St. Paul (and I have never ever seen that flag). I like St. Louis's flag symbolizing the meeting of the two rivers...(which I just learned is in the OP and a lot of other posts...)

The biggest surprise is St. Petersburg. I'd think someone would try to change it...

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I've noticed this flag a lot this summer (while out boating) and liked it's design but never knew what it was:


Turns out that it's a flag that members of the Canadian Power and Sail Squardons fly. Essentially it's a huge organization for recreational boater that promotes safety and knowledge.

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Nova Scotia:




1957-65 Canadian Red Ensign:


(I prefer the 1921-57 version, though this was the highest-quality pic I could find of either version)




Anyone with a Canadian address can get a free 26x32" printed flag poster of the red ensign (and others) from the government. [There is also a larger (than this html image) pdf of the posters on the site]:



I just found this tidbit regarding the NS flag while on Wikipedia:


Pretty funny.

Also, I ordered a free Historical flags poster from Heritage Canada and got it this week. It's a really nice poster.

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