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2014 NFL Season Thread

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I will give Green Bay all the credit in the world basically shutting down Seattle for three quarters. But you have to finish the job plain and simple.

I'm happy that Seattle won, but damn... I don't want a heart attack at 31, guys!

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How on earth did the Seahawks win that game? I mean I watched it all and I still have no idea how or why that just happened.

Maybe it's just the fact I don't have to deal with their fans, but I would have no issue with this Seahawks team winning another Super Bowl.

All we have to do is wait for the Paits to massacre Indy, and we are set.

The patriots are 0-1 all-time in Boston Massacres.
Nominating this for PotD

Seconded. Give the man his belt.

Third-ed. Well done.


Who the hell are you? You don't get the ability of awarding belts!!!!!!!

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