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Stolen Work


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Gotta love this quote:



I use Adobe Illustrator for everything, it's my go to program. All of this stuff is not originally created by me though; some stuff is 100% mine, others are a collaboration of borrowed ideas, some stuff is modified for my tastes. I do whatever works for the team I'm going for tongue_smilie.gif


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On 7/10/2017 at 1:04 AM, dsaline97 said:

@astone11 Thanks for finding this one....


I guess this guy on the OOTP boards has been taking a lot of people's logos, I've noticed mine and @raysox (p. 11) so far. He managed to take my crappy logo and somehow make it worse:




(Mine for reference:)


  Reveal hidden contents







People are stupid.


Someone on there stole my stuff as well. I joined just to confront them, and got no response. Scumbags are scumbags.

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LOL sorry for not starting on Hi! Hi! 
I got an instagram account where I post my designs. I put my logo on every single design. I had a a new follower with the word "Creative" in the name so I went on his page to see his "creativity" and I've found one of my piece on his page without any credit and he has removed my Logo. I had to do something so I've put a comment. Ok he said on the bio that he's reposting stuffs  but why not credit the artist? What do you think?






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On 8/26/2017 at 7:29 AM, OliverP said:

Hey guys, I saw a page on Facebook (''professional photographer'') using this logo and I swear I remember it from somewhere else, it can't be their logo. I couldn't find the original creator, maybe you guys know where it's from.



Google image search is back tracking to Fédération Boraine, a Belgian futsal league. However, I'm not sure if that is the true original source or not.  (http://www.fbfs.be/)

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