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Stolen Work


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The fact of the matter is anything that's posted online can be copied and hosted on another website. Anything. Watermarks alone won't protect you.

This is an issue that comes up here every few years. There's a pinned thread about someone asking for ways to remove watermarks, it's funny but sad if you take the time to read it.

This has also led to a flood of poor concepts that were made even more illegible by giant watermarks running across them.

Artists/designers do have some protection. The second you create something, it has your copyright on it. Even though it's not legally necessary, simply adding a copyright line is a good first step to protect one's assets.

Of course, there are large gray areas with recourse; you really can't claim any monetary damages if someone lifts a concept you've made for an existing team, because those rights belong to the team or organization itself.

One of the best ways to protect your artwork from being lifted is to host your own site on its own domain, and use HTML coding to prevent visitors from "right-clicking" and copying the art to their desktops. It won't prevent screen shots, but one would have to be fairly crafty and knowledgeable to scroll through the source code and grab the HTML for the image file itself.

Flickr also gives users options to prevent downloading of displayed artwork, but again, if you're crafty enough to view your browser's developer tools, you can grab what you need.

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Just came onto this thread. As an occasional concept poster and hobbyist, this infuriates me - especially for you guys who do this for a living.

This is probably below the belt, but I'd try contacting those people in a polite fashion - merely to obtain an email address - and then signing that address up for all kinds of heinous spam. It's probably not super ethical of me, but then again neither is stealing other people's work and claiming credit.

Citing sources and giving credit is like Internet 101. Hacks like this fool deserve to get an inbox full of animal porn or something.

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Ok I was just referred to this thread & I can say this is very useful.

I wanna start off by saying that I actually love Instagram. I recently hit 10K on my page & I like posting my work on there, but that's not it.

Believe me, I hate 85% of the people on instagram, they infuriate me. But you have to learn to live with it. I commented on MVPTees page calling him out & i got blocked. Not only does he post our concepts, but he SELLS SHIRTS WITH LOGOS THAT PEOPLE POST ON HERE. <<< that is horrible & needs to be stopped. People like that are horrible for our community & the site, but we need to find a way to stop it. I love the idea of having a private concepts section but I see both sides of the argument.

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well I'm not sure whether he has bought these logos from the maker, but here:

Stolen Saints logo: http://mvptees.com/collections/frontpage/products/kap-copy

Stolen Eagles logo: http://mvptees.com/collections/frontpage/products/t-dallascopy

Stolen Jets logo: http://mvptees.com/collections/football/products/packcopy-1

Stolen Colts logo: http://mvptees.com/collections/football/products/bosscopy

Stolen Browns logo: http://mvptees.com/collections/football/products/luckycopy

& I know he removed others from the site, but here is where the logos came from, I recognized them as soon as I saw them


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I just looked at avcoop, avconcepts' "personal" account, and he has the sportslogos.net in his bio. Is that to make him seem less suspicious or is he on the boards?

I think he just lurks the concepts forum. Bkknight, do you post your concepts anywhere else? This is the only place I've posted mine, I'm guessing he just scrolls through every NFL thread and grabs what he wants.

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let me offer some advice.

if this guy is sharing your work, allow him to do so. spread it around as much as possible. if it were a twitter thing i would RT with something like "thanks for sharing my X concept". never shy away from exposure,

if he is taking credit for your work, call him out on it. i think Wilcox probably did everything right in this situation in contacting instagram and such. just let everyone you know know that its your work and let him know you dont appreciate him being a twat

if he is making money from your work, this is where it gets good. keep your sketches and original files and everything you have of the work to prove you did it. the final work needs to be copyrighted. if anyone steals and profits from your work, you can claim their profits. lawyers should see your case and jump at this opportunity. and they dont get paid unless you do. i believe the minimum court settlement on copyright infringement is $25,000 but id have to double check that number.

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