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Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Modern Counterparts


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We all have thought about this at one time or another: Which uniforms from the past are better than those currently worn by a team? Whether it be from NIke-fying an entire league (see: NFL), forcing uniforms to fit a certain template (see: Reebok and the NHL), or just horrendous ownership decisions (see: Florida/Miami Marlins), there are just some poor decisions that need to be reversed. Some may be unpopular opinions (PhantomDreamer's obsession with weird pullover baseball jerseys) or completely popular opinions (wanting to completely get rid of the new Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms). Without further ado, my list as follows:

1. Vancouver Canucks 90s uniforms and color scheme vs. present uniforms and color scheme

Perhaps my ultimate unpopular opinion next to my love of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks infamous "Wild Wing" jersey, I do not like the current Vancouver Canucks color scheme or their "Stick-in- rink" alternate jersey. I've heard both sides of the debate on the Orca logo, and I will admit bringing back the skate logo isn't the best idea. However, I like the color scheme of the Pavel Bure era uniforms as well as the jersey design from those days. The current uniform design is rather bland to me and the color scheme isn't that distinctive either.


2. Arizona Diamodbacks Purple an Teal vs. Red and Sand

Pretty simple, I like the old Diamondbacks color scheme more than the old one.


3.Florida Marlins color scheme vs Miami Marlins color scheme

I believe that the current Marlins logo would be solid without the rainbow of colors in it. In fact, the old Marlins logo is starting to look a bit outdated to me. I believe that if the Marlins brought back the teal and black and got rid of whatever multitude of colors they use now they'd have a pretty solid look.

So what do you guys think? What uniform designs, logos, or color schemes are you clamoring to get back?

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1. New York Knicks 1992-1997 Uniform vs. The modernized current version


Wordmark, Sleeve Piping, Waistband & Shorts Side Panels are completely changed for the far worse modernization of a great set. Modernizing a set can hurt the total image of team if done incorrectly like these new sets... lets not even mention that horrible Alternate.

2. Miami Dolphins 1997-2012 Logo vs. T.D.'s Modernization #5


Honestly the new logo is a well rendered logo, but its just not what you would have expected... I personally don't like it and don't really accept what Nike has done to the entire NFL... Also Nike's Uniform designs have not been up to par since their inception.

3. Utah Jazz 2004-2010 color scheme vs Current color scheme


The Jazz have been on a Identity crisis for several decades as they try to fit their Nickname with the state of Utah. Inconveniently back in 1979 the Jazz relocated from New Orleans, the franchise continue to use the name which was heavily associated with NOLA background. With no association to the genre of Jazz Utah try to insert a mountain/snow vibe into their logo's and uniforms. Ofcourse the famous late 90's uniforms set the tone on what a team from Utah should look like as they continued on and presented the 2004 update. This color scheme in particular to me is far more superior then their current "Let's pay homage to our NOLA past but give the Mardi Gras color scheme a little Utah feel to it, buy using Navy instead of Purple." To me its gives you that mountain chill, that "We are from up north in the Rockies" feel... but that's just me

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The Older Canucks unis that are better than what they have now, are their original ones...

The Flames had better ones originally than now

Probably every CFL team (Except the RdeBlacks-who just started up) has a previous uni at some point that is better than what they have now.

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Morgo, elsephen, and everyone else. This thread is about uniforms you feel are better then the uniforms that replaced them. This is not a thread about blindly declaring that old means better. That sort of generalization is only going to lead to unproductive arguments that will derail the thread. Keep things on topic.

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As much as I love the 1997-1999 uniforms, a look along the lines of this is what's best for the Brewers.

I really liked the 1997-1999 set too...and wish the hats would be for sale somewhere... the overall aesthetic was great, especially on cold days and long sleeves.

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The best uniform from the past compared to now can be a variety for me, but here are my top choices:

Kansas City Royals:

George Brett era:


is better than now:


Cleveland Browns - Brian Sipe Era:


is better than now:


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