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Aside from my distaste for one team claiming to represent all of California with four others in the state, I can't say this would be an upgrade for the Angels. The cream doesn't make sense for a team that's only been around since 1960, and the old 1970s era script clashes way too much with the "old timey" feel of cream uniforms.

Your alt uniform is pretty nice though. I'd like to see a blue version of the hat.

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Here is a quick rebrand I did for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I wanted to give them a timeless look that represented the organization as a premier baseball franchise with rich history. Let me know what you think.


First, I'm all in favor of them going back to "California Angels." I don't know how many years ago they went from "California" to "Anaheim," but to this day I still call 'em the "California Angels."

That ALT/BP would make a fabulous away jersey, one that left alone would be seen as traditional along the lines of the Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, etc. The HOME looks solid, though the numerals look out of place on the front. The AWAY, however, looks plain, and it looks forced. Love the ALT cap as well!

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