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  1. New threads for the Hawks?

    I don't particularly follow the NBA but i really like the Hawks current jersey's. Very nice and classy.
  2. Direct TV HD commercial

    I thought so, i believe the thinking at the time was to go to a retro park, since the Jake was being built then, but they kept the older style uniforms to keep the continuity with the other movie. Seeing as how the real Indians at this time were starting to make their run the movie was losing some of the underdog role as compared to real life. In twenty years they'll remake it with the Devil Rays as the team i'm sure.
  3. Direct TV HD commercial

    Wasn't two filmed in Camden Yards?
  4. Nationals Ballpark

    Havn't really heard much about the park except that it will be stone, steel and glass, on the river and now......cherry trees past the outfield fence, don't know if they will take hybrids from the mall that originally came from Japan or use some other species.
  5. New Florida Gators basketball jerseys

    on the other side of that game, who dosn't like Pat Summit in a cheerleaders uniform?
  6. Turn Ahead the Clock Uni VIDEO

    I've wanted one of those cardinals jerseys forever and they never pop up, now i'm depressed again because of this thread.
  7. Spring Training Photos - New Hats and Jerseys

    I didn't realize the Cardinals were going back to red hats. And I think it's unfortunate that they chose to color their semi circle on the caps instead of leave it red, but oh well. Yeah kinda wish the red sox route and had solid side panels and separate road and home hats, i liked the bird on a bat from the last four years a lot more
  8. Chiefs in White-on-White

    Wonder if they will wear them the rest of the year?
  9. New Wizards court

    man i hate the wizards, the colours, the name, the uniforms, every single thing about them i disguest............
  10. D-Backs Unis revealed weds.

    man i still really love the A logo, wish they would use it more, not a fan of team name abbreviations on hats, but still the whole look is pretty sweet, wish they had a red, "a" hat
  11. Gillette Stadium walls

    i thought they resembeled the striping effect of lighthouses in the area
  12. Buffalo Bills

    This just goes to show how their current uniform set dosn't match up no matter combination you use.
  13. Bucks Uniforms Released Today

    I always wished someone would make the stripes on the arm gussets match up and go down the side panel on a jersey and now that i have my wish...awesome!!!!
  14. New Univ. of Louisville basketball uniforms...

    why is louisville moving away from the gold so much? first the football unis, now this.
  15. Tennessee Tech finally releases new logo

    Whoa, OVC fans?