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  1. NFL Hockey Crossover - AFC West

    This is awesome! Love the Bills concepts.
  2. NHL: 2017

    I'd like to see the Sabres.
  3. Love the Buffalo Freeze concept. I would so buy that jersey.
  4. College Football Concept

    Would like to see Canisius College and St. Bonaventure, in addition to an earlier suggestion of Niagara U.
  5. The ones that got away

    Passed up a Mitchell & Ness Sabres jersey at AJ Wright about 4 years ago due to lack of funds. Kicking myself to this day
  6. Padres - Nationals retro uniforms

    Yes, stirrups are quite rare these days in the bigs.
  7. NHL Baseball Uniforms

    I want to see a Sabres uni
  8. My Little Pony sigs

    I remember asking for these. Awesome job!
  9. What the Bills Should Do

    I LIKE!!!
  10. Thrift Store Gems: 2011

    I went to an AJ Wright this past Saturday and picked up 5 MLB caps. BoSox, Halos, Cubbies, Twins, and ball-in-glove Brewers. Get there while you can.
  11. When the UK takes over the NFL

    I like the Bills jerseys, but I personally would have put Verizon Wireless or M & T Bank as a sponsor.
  12. New Buffalo Bisons alternate

    You are correct, sir.
  13. Old Major Indoor Soccer League Kits

    Perhaps someone who was a fan of this movie -- The Cincinnati Kid As for the uniforms, I don't remember the Blast having black uniforms in the early 80s. Otherwise, everything looks just the way I remember it. That is, perhaps, the only logical explanation as to why they were called the "Cincinnati Kids".
  14. My Little Pony sigs

    Bills/Sabres/Buffalo Bandits (like North dakota has)/Buffalo Bisons please
  15. University of Michigan (Wolverine logo)

    Now THAT is a masterpiece. GO BLUE!